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Fitting Assistance

It must be noted that all installations are site-specific, however we offer general advice on the fitting of EcoGrid. Showing the excavation process, things to consider and the sub-base installation with geotextile provisions. Later discussing the layer provision for a grass or gravel finish, along with general tips and advice.

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CPD Training

Here at EcoGrid we offer a relaxed and friendly training courses on fitting and maintaining porous paving grids within our Wirral training centre. The course will go over the EcoGrid product range and associated products. It will feature installation techniques and how our Approved Installer scheme works. Generally, the courses are attended by a mixture of landscapers, driveway installers and civil engineers.

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Approved Installers

We have a country wide list of qualified companies who have attended our courses and qualified to become approved installers of our products for both the commercial and domestic markets. Some of our approved installers are small family run companies most suited for a swift simple installation and some are more qualified to offer a complete package for the commercial markets. We will look at your requirements and advise accordingly.

We do not list companies due to potential conflicts of interest, therefore if you would supply us with your details using the form below, we will then contact the most appropriate company/companies if more than one quotation is required to get a complete costing and survey organised.

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Our team can claim a vast amount of experience in looking at your proposed installation and suggesting a methodology for installs, a suitable product and options available to make the project both cost-effective and profitable for you. Services usually take the form of:

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Step 1 – An initial telephone enquiry, perhaps with a PDF of supplied plans.

Step 2 – A reply in a swift manner with suggested products suitable and a range of options to choose.

Step 3 – A quotation for the materials, including any sub-base and fill options should they be required.

Step 4 – A site visit where we can measure the site and make further fitting instructions with some options that may be costed: Percolation testing, CBR testing contamination reports and plate testing.

Step 5 – A final quotation if the first has altered in any way with delivery advice and offload options.

Step 6 – The offer of utilising the services of an EcoGrid approved installation partner.

Step 7 – Supply of goods in an expedient manner. Payment may be on a pro-forma, through a preferred merchant or account basis.

Step 8 – The option of a further site visit to alleviate any potential fitting concerns and questions arising from the installation teams should option 6 not be required.

Step 9 – The costed option of ‘signing off’ of the install with a maintenance schedule should it be required.

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