A selection of case studies. We have hundreds more available from thousands of EcoGrid installations. Contact us and we can email one to you that is your case specific.

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Grass Case Studies (amalgamated)

thumbnail of a1-Ecogrid grass case studies

Gravel Case Studies (amalgamated)

thumbnail of a1-Ecogrid gravel case studies

Grass Paving

Campgrounds & Festivals

Pedestrian Erosion Control

Grass Golf Fairway

Turfed Parking Verges

Mud Control on Farms

Gravel Filled Paving

No cement flagstones

Commercial Car Park

Country Pathway

Dual Roadway Support

Laying Over Concrete

Gravel Fill

Motorway Refuge Areas

Disabled Access

On A Slope

Exterior Storage Areas

Gravel Driveway 1

Hard Shoulders

Disabled Access 2

Clay Car Park

Airport Soft-Shoulder

Storage Yard

Ikea Car Park

Site Generators

Gravel Driveway 2

Hot Tub Base

Concrete Setts

Council Car Park

Heavy Snowfall

Domestic Driveway

Car Showroom

Domestic Driveway 2

Optional Fills

Welfare Cabin Base

Temporary Roadway

Heavy Load Roadway

Bulldozer Strength

Military Applications

EcoGrid Recyclable?

Resin Bound Stone Surfacing

Helicopter Pad

Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Driveway

Equestrian Surfacing

Horse Walker

Riding Event

Riding Facility

Horse Walker Base

Paddock Access Route

Equestrian Centre 1

Budget Horse Manege

Classic Horse Arena

A Riding Surface

Equestrian Centre 2

Horse Show, Berlin

Additional Case Studies

Artificial Turf

Fire Access Route

Infiltration Crates

GrassTops for War Graves

Spot of Trampolining?

Farm Installation

Welfare Cabin Base

Trying to break it!

A Dog Kennel

Heated Pathway

Home Gym/Office

Tarmac vs. EcoGrid

In Airports

In Campsites

On The Farm

EcoGrid For Helipads