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Main Brochure

thumbnail of Ecogrid 2017-2018 brochure

EcoGrid Product Specification

EcoGrid E50 Specification

EcoGrid E50-Product spec

EcoGrid S50 Specification

EcoGrid S50-Product spec

EcoGrid E40 Specification

EcoGrid E40-Product spec

EcoGrid TR40 Specification

EcoGrid TR40-Product spec

EcoGrid TP40 Specification

EcoGrid TP40-Product spec

EcoGrid X30 Specification

EcoGrid X30-Product spec

EcoGrid Bloxx Specification

EcoGrid Bloxx-Product spec

EcoGrid E30 Specification

EcoGrid E30-Product spec

Fitting Guides

EcoGrid Grass Fill Guide

EcoGrid grass fill installation sheet

EcoGrid Gravel Fill Installation

thumbnail of Ecogrid gravel fill installation sheet

EcoGrid Resin Stone Guide

EcoGrid resin bound stone guide

Case Studies

Gravel Fill Case Study-General

EcoGrid gravel case studies

EcoGrid Grass Fill Case Study

EcoGrid grass case studies

Other Brochures

Our Geotextile Membranes short range

thumbnail of Geotextile Membranes brochure

Our EcoGrid Aluminium recessed trays brochure

thumbnail of Ecogrid aluminium covers range 2017-2018

Our EcoGrid Aluflex edging kits brochure

thumbnail of Ecogrid AluFlex Edging

Our Gabion Basket range

thumbnail of Ecogrid gabions

Our EcoGrid Ecosedum guide and specifications

thumbnail of Ecosedum pack

Our EcoGrid general use guide

thumbnail of Ecogrid general use guide

Our EcoGrid Bodenmat temporary flooring specifications

thumbnail of Bodenmat

Our EcoGrid Webcell specifications

thumbnail of Ecogrid Webcell specifications


Our EcoGrid Grass Top specifications

thumbnail of GrassTops 2017

General Information

Our general grid specification sheet

thumbnail of Ecogrid product overview

RAL Presentation

RAL Presentation


CE Certification

thumbnail of Ce-Certificate-English

RAL Certification

thumbnail of RAL Gütezeichen GZ 806 en

TUV Certification

thumbnail of TUV certification

Our Guarantee

thumbnail of Guarantee