EcoGrid EcoSedum Pack

The Pre-Cultivated Complete Green Roof System

EcoGrid EcoSedum Pack is a rapid and secure turnkey revegetation for a green roofing solution.

The principle consists of placing the pre-cultivated trays directly on an anti-roof waterproofing membrane. With its modular design at the forefront the installation is swift and makes for immediate installations with results to be astonishing, along with a low maintenance aspect of 1 passage per year recommended. A vibrant and dynamic aesthetic is provided throughout the years seasons due to the many different sedum varieties within our pre-planted system.

An ecologically sensible & complete solution for all roof types!

The EcoSedum Pack Advantages

For Implementation

Added Waterproof Protection
Swift Installation (Up To 300m2 Per Day)
Pre-Planted Options For Immediate Vegetation

For Nature

Less Atmosphere Particulate Matter & CO2
Limited Rainwater Runoff
Use of Recycled Materials

For User

Improved Roof Lifespan With UV Protection
Sound & Heat Installation
Optimised Water Retention & Storage System

EcoGrid EcoSedum Trays are designed for green grass roofing systems, these are modular in design and simply clip together to create a stunning roof garden that can have grass and flowers planted within for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Providing benefits of an integrated rainwater retention system, and a streamlined maintenance structure.

The EcoSedum Pack Trays are made from MDPE and feature a reservoir within the tray to facilitate ease of irrigation. These are sold as either a pre-planted or as standalone trays, allowing for a quick transition for most common roof types to become a sustainable water-retentive green area, with its pre-cultivated and modular design.

40 x 60 x 7.5cm

100% Recycled
PP/PE Material

8L Per SQM
Water Holding Capacity

95kg Weight / M2
(At Max Water Level)

Suitable For

Flat, Sloping & Terrace Roofs
Garages, Carports & Non-Accessible Areas

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