EcoGrid EcoSedum Pack

The Pre-Cultivated Complete Green Roof System

EcoGrid EcoSedum Pack is a rapid and secure turnkey green roofing solution.

The principle consists of placing the pre-cultivated trays directly on an anti-roof waterproofing membrane plus anti-root protection fleece cushion membrane (non essential but preferred). With its modular design at the forefront the installation is swift and makes for immediate installations with astonishing results, along with a low maintenance aspect, typically 1 annual maintenance visit per year. The tray system also acts as protection for the membranes below giving a longevity to the fabrics used when compared to more traditional green roof installations. A vibrant and dynamic aesthetic is provided instantly and then throughout the years seasons due to the many different sedum varieties within our pre-planted system.

An ecologically sensible & complete solution for all roof types!

The EcoSedum Pack Advantages

For Implementation

Added Waterproof Protection
Swift Installation (Up To 300m2 Per Day)
Pre-Planted Options For Immediate Vegetation

For Nature Based Solutions

Less Atmosphere Particulate Matter & CO2
Limited Rainwater Runoff
Use of Recycled Materials

For User

Improved Roof Lifespan With UV Protection
Sound & Heat Installation, Plus Aid Energy Efficiency
Optimised Water Retention & Storage System

EcoGrid EcoSedum Trays are designed for green grass or sedum roofing systems, these are modular in design and simply knit together to create a stunning roof garden that can have grass and flowers planted within for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Providing benefits of an integrated rainwater retention system.

The EcoSedum Pack Trays are made from MDPE and feature a reservoir within the tray to facilitate ease of irrigation. These are sold as either a pre-planted or as standalone trays for self cultivation, allowing for a quick transition for most common roof types to become a sustainable water-retentive green area, with its pre-cultivated and modular design.

The pre-cultivated ECOSEDUM PACK system installed on the flat roof resists winds up to speeds of over 200 km/h according to the EN CAPE 18.079C-V2 test report carried out in the wind tunnel by the CSTB.

Standard Tray System

40 x 60 x 7.5cm

100% Recycled
PP/PE Material

8L Water Holding Capacity (Standard Tray)
Water Retention Capacity 32L/m2

95kg Weight / M2
(At Max Water Level)

Light Tray System

40 x 60 x 7.5cm

100% Recycled
PP/PE Material

6.25L Water Holding Capacity (Light Tray)
Water Retention Capacity 25L/m2

60kg Weight / M2
(At Max Water Level)

Biodiversity Tray System

40 x 60 x 7.5cm

100% Recycled
PP/PE Material

8.75L Water Holding Capacity (Light Tray)
Water Retention Capacity 35L/m2

80kg Weight / M2 (4 Trays)
(At Max Water Level)

Green roof systems encourage a healing and comfortable environment that promotes health and wellbeing. The therapeutic benefits can have a knock on effect on mental health, work productivity and general well being. There are also many benefits associated with environmental improvements such as more oxygen, better air filtration and humidity control which plants can supply and these are just a few of the many benefits of a green roof system.

Vegetation planted on a roof can also provides excellent ecological services helping protect biodiversity, mitigates noise (green roofs absorb sound) and heat Islands, retains rainwater, improves air quality and captures greenhouse gases. The various layers within a green roof system can help to absorb the heat of the sun and reduce its transmission into the building below as added value.

EcoGrid also offer a full range of extensive or intensive green roof solutions with biodiverse roofs which have many benefits for the environment, planning permission, abatement of storm water run off and reduced acoustics. All our offerings are produced to conform to relevant performance criteria, guidelines and best practice found in the guidelines of FLL and GRO with our EcoSedum Packs carrying certification for wind and substrate.

Suitable For

Flat, Sloping & Terrace Roofs
Garages, Outbuilding, Sheds, Carports & Non-Accessible Areas

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