Green roofs

Here is a selection of our most commonly sold products in our Ecogrid green roof range

What  do we supply?

  • Green roof modular trays
  • Sloping roof accessories
  • Ecogrid singular and double growing medium containment grids
  • Lightweight roof walkway systems
  • Clips
  • Edging systems
  • Geotextiles

“A True ‘turnkey’ solutions provider.”

We offer a complete range of ‘fit and forget’ products for all types of green roofs

EcoGrid Ecosedum trays

EcoSedum Green Roof Trays for grass roofs. Sold as pre-planted options or as trays alone

These are modular roof trays that are simply clipped together to create a stunning roof garden that can have grass and flowers planted for a stunning finish. Our sedum trays are made from MDPE and feature a reservoir within the tray to facilitate ease of irrigation. You get 19 square metres on a pallet of pre-planted trays and you can specify the types of sedum if you don’t want to receive a mixed variety.

Our Eco sedum trays need no skill set to fit

Suitable for:

  • Flat roofs
  • Pitched roofs with an angle of less than 30 degrees
  • Garage roofs
  • Roof terraces
Dimensions (cm) Material Water-holding capacity Weight/m2 (at max water level)
40 X 60 X 7.5 100% recycled PP/PE 8L per sqm 95Kg

Easily clipped together and edged with our Ecogrid Aluflex edging system for a neat, uncompromising finish

EcoGrid S50

EcoGrid S50 growing medium containment grid

Ecogrid S50 growing medium grid

Here you can use our grid system to pre-grow your green roof of coice off-site and simply clip and fix when ready. The cells are robust yet lightweight. They can be laid on any kind of a slope. Each grid ‘section’ comes in palletised form of 1.33 square metre pre-locked sections. You offer this up to an appropriate layer of geotextile membrane, fill in the cells with your growing medium of choice, seed with grass, sedum, wildflowers, chamomile, clover etc and wait for mother nature to take over. Once grown, they can easily be stacked, transported on pallets and laid directly on a similar roof membrane….simple!

EcoGrid Aluflex edge system

Ecogrid Aluflex 74mm

A flexible edging system that is easily joined with a ‘slide-in’ tab that creates a seamless join. The best edge for Ecosedum trays is our 76mm deep version. This is laid to the perimeter of your green roof installation. The base sits outside and is weighed/covered by a thin gravel layer which weighs down the tray system whilst the back edge can be pinned directly to the Ecosedum trays.

thumbnail of Ecosedum pack

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Ecogrid green roof examples
Ecogrid green roof examples
Ecogrid green roof examples
Ecogrid green roof examples