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Access Pathways

Small Quantity Of EcoGrid For Entrance Area

EcoGrid is the ideal product to produce a load bearing permeable access road solution.

  • Pedestrian Access Route

  • Fire Access Route
  • Lorry Access Route

General & Fire Access Routes

EcoGrid Reinforced Parking Area For Fire Access2

The Problem

Firefighting operations are often hindered by the lack or poor quality of access lanes and parking and turning areas. In addition to unprofessionally constructed ground reinforcement and poor material quality, “gravel grass” can be one of the main reasons for failing access lanes and surfaces. The reason for this is the development of organic material (Humus) Mud add­led tire treads and getting stuck in the mud can delay

Lifesaving access to the site an emergency situation. The quick extinguishing of ­re and other life saving measures can be compromised even with four wheel drive vehicles, and this not only with wet ground.

Additionally the use of parking and turning areas with soft sub bases is also problematic for rescue and firefighting vehicles. Modern extension ladder vehicles quickly detect sinking in soft ground and shut down automatically. The secure and stable positioning and extension of the ladder is thus impossible! Most

Fire and rescue vehicles are not fitted with suitable tyres and four-wheel drive. Not to mention:

Access to the emergency location does not necessarily mean secure parking!

The Requirements

Access roads, parking and turning surfaces have to meet the minimum standards of the Road Building Class VI (Guidelines for standardising vehicular tracked surfaces- RStO)- section from “Fire access surfaces” (TBB/ DIN 14090).

  • Minimum 3 m with straight entrances
  • Minimum 3.5 m with by entrances bordered with Structures, where both side >= 12m
  • Total allowed weight minimum 16t Load ability: min, 10t per axle i.e. vehicle min 7m x 12m *
  • Dimensions: including extensions (4m) in front and rear of turning areas.

Where can it be used?
The surfacing can be used for all areas that either require a load bearing, aesthetic and very permeable surface for loadings from a small child to articulated lorries turning in an external warehousing facility. Pathways, emergency access routes, domestic driveways, commercial car parks to name just a few applications.

The Benefits

EcoGrid Reinforced Grass Fire Access In Front On Resident Building

EcoGrid has been manufactured in Germany for over 20 years from 100% recycled content. Our ground reinforcement system includes a unique and proven safety locking element which has been proven millions of times. It is absolutely UV resistant, environmentally neutral, shatter poof, and long-life.

The intense stress and loading of EcoGrid by snow removal equipment is absolutely problem free, and even with aggressive salting no damage occurs. Simple and quick installation combined with ultra-high load ability and 20 year factory warranty ensures an outstanding value.

The Solution

The EcoGrid system reinforces or “paves” the ground surface without sealing it. This means that even with high surface loads (800 t2 / m, depending on soil type) the rainwater/surface water can easily infiltrate the ground, usually without additional complex drainage elements. This also means in some cases (depending on government) there is no storm water tax per surface area. Because the EcoGrid system can be filled with different materials it allows total design freedom for landscaping. EcoGrid ensures safe access and parking/turning of emergency vehicles.

How to?
Once the surface has been excavated and prepared, the grids are swiftly laid on the screed level, curves are formed with our unique curving piece. A retaining edge strip and secure anchor system is available to form a barrier, impeding the travelling of infill material away from the surface (only necessary if you want to ’override’ the grid surface with stone. It should be noted that the fill material should be sharp angular stone and range from 10-20mm. River bed or rounded stone can be used but this material doses not lock together as well as angular.

We also have a unique curving piece to ensure continuous curving of grid based surfaces without the need for cutting. We have a variety of UV stable markers to delineate parking bays.

A drainage layer is laid, the depth of which corresponds to the type of traffic which will access the surface. This is generally classed as type3 reduced fines. This means 20mm stone mixed with smaller stones to create a firm foundation but the difference between this and type 2 is that the ‘dust’ content is removed which makes the sub-base as permeable as possible. It is also possible to use clean 10-20mm stone.

EcoGrid Fill With Grass Closeup

Plate Test

Often a plate test is carried out to ascertain the type of surface to be excavated.

This means a plate which can be 250-500mm round or square is placed on the ground and a load is placed on the plate (often a simple tyre jack and a vehicle) The depth that the plate sinks will show the type of ground conditions and the corresponding depth of sub-base.

This is often classed as the CBR (California bearing rate), in layman’s terms it means the firmness of the soil to be excavated.

Often we get scenarios where excavation is not possible or is minimal such as sites of archaeological value or in areas where tree roots need protecting. Here the issue is that the sub-base needs to be as thin as possible whilst still retaining surface loading. Often here, we advise laying of a geotextile layer first, then a layer of (for example) 100mm clean 20mm stone retained by our EcoGrid Cell Web, a secondary geotextile layer is then laid and then the EcoGrid standard grids or EcoGrid Bloxx is laid.

An EcoGrid approved geotextile layer follows to enhance surface support, provide a layer of filtration and to stop the drainage layer stone migrating up to the surface. A screed layer is laid, this can be a large granulate sharp sand or clean fine sharp angular stone, typically 20-30mm deep laid, levelled and compacted.

The grids are then laid as per our fitting advice or downloaded fitting sheets. Grid fill can be as aesthetics determine but should be:

  • Sharp angular stone (river bed rounded stone is not as suitable as it does not lock in to the grid cells as well and there is a potential for a small amount of travelling)
  • 15-30mm is best as the larger stones lock better and do not stick in to tyre treads
  • Crushed slate is our own infill of choice, especially Crushed Welsh slate as this is an abundantly available option and blends nicely with the black grids.

We offer a complete turnkey solution to all clients:

  • Initial consultation by telephone, email, video call
  • Written, fixed term quotations and design advice
  • Site visits, surveys and advice
  • Sample supply
  • CPD visits
  • Efficient supply chain from extensive UK stock
  • Swift, up to ‘same day’ additional product supply
  • Consultations with installation teams throughout the installation
  • Aftercare advice and on-going support

Supporting Documents

Product Overview

thumbnail of EcoGrid Main Brochure

Case Study

thumbnail of Ecogrid case study-fire access routes

So, which EcoGrid?

The following grid options are suitable for your desired application. Learn more about each on the EcoGrid product pages.

EcoGrid E30 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E30

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EcoGrid E40 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E40

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EcoGrid E50 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E50

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Fully Permeable

‘Kind to the environment’

100% free draining providing a complete SuDS solution. EcoGrid is carbon neutral and has zero effect on the environment. EcoGrid is made from specially selected plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Beyond Strong

‘Loads of up to 800t/sqm’

Our loading capacities are independently tested and published. Our range is fully tested and approved by the European TUV and RAL centres. EcoGrid is also a fully approved NATO supply product with tens of thousands sold worldwide.

Unrivalled Solution

‘The World’s #1’

With over 1.5 million sqm sold in 2017, EcoGrid is unrivalled in product sales. With a fully automated, sustainable European factory. We also go ‘the extra’ mile with technical advice and general assistance.

More Applications

EcoGrid can be used for a huge variety of applications; from lightweight landscaping implementations to heavyweight aviation surfacing.

Grass Filled EcoGrid Car Park With Bay Markers

Grass Surfacing

Light Resin Bound Stone Driveway

Resin Bound Stone

Horse And The Rider On Horse Arena With Tread Layer

Equestrian Applications

EcoGrid Ground Reinforcement For Heavy Duty Vehicle In Construction

Construction Sites