Our Virtually Indestructible Grid

EcoGrid E50

EcoGrid E50 Permeable Paving Grid

The “Indestructible” grid is ideal for all manners of garden and landscaping applications and is the strongest paving in our ranges.

With its added reliability it can support all traffic types from pedestrians to heavy goods vehicles, therefore we specify it for lorry parks and heavily used car parks. We also use E50 in heavy duty animal or equestrian areas.

Each tile is 330mm x 330mm x 50mm high with a wall thickness of 7mm Withstanding a load of 800 tonnes/sqm when filled. The tiles arrive on the pallet in layers of 12 for a speedy install, you can install over 100m2 per man per hour with our E50 grids.

E50 is ideal for commercial traffic applications where a high degree of point loading and lateral loading is required.

One square metre weighs approximately 9.55kg and is made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

Regularly Tested and Certified

Regularly Tested and Certified

EcoGrid permeable paving is protected, among others, by German utility model 202014106285[CNS1] [CNS1], Polish utility model W.124709; US patent 10094073, EP patent 3237682. There are other property rights and property rights applications outside of Europe.



EcoGrid carries a world patent for its locking system. The grids lock firmly against each other for a quick installation and a long-lasting reinforced ground because they don’t break apart easily.

Joint With Bloxx

Both EcoGrid E50 and Bloxx are 5mm high, therefore they can be joined together and create a good pattern. Some customers use this combination to design car slots.

Multiple Colours

The grids can be purchased in 3 colours to match the project. Typically black for gravel infills; green for grass infills; terracotta for the sand surface.
Black is available for next-day delivery, green and terracotta have a leading time of 5-10 days.

Carrying Load/m2
800 tonnes
33 x 33 x 5cm

Compression Strength
40 tonnes axle load
Wall Thickness
100% recycled LDPE
Wall Height

Pre-lock Grids Together To Increase The Laying Speed

Laying Speed

EcoGrid can be locked and linked together so you can install multiple grids at a time. In fact, installers can lay 12 square metres of grids in a minute.

Watering Plants on EcoGrid Permeable Paving With White Gravel Infills In The Garden


In order to help with flooding issues, EcoGrid paving is 100% permeable. Hence, there won’t be any puddles around.3

Large Car Park Using Terracotta EcoGrid E50


EcoGrid is very confident about the quality of our paving grids. That’s why we are providing a 20-year guarantee to EcoGrid products.

Our Environment

EcoGrid is environmentally neutral, OECD-tested, made from recycled material and also recyclable. As a result, our permeable paving grids are recommended for all types of construction, even in protected zones.

Additionally, resources are being possessed with care throughout the entire value chain to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as it can be.

We believed and proved that quality and environmental compatibility can coexist.

See It In Action!

A picture tells a thousand words! The gallery shows a handful of typical applications using EcoGrid E50.

Supporting Documents


General Brochure

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General Use Guide

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