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Equestrian Surfacing Range

EcoGrid Is The World’s No. 1 Product For Equestrian Surfacing

EcoGrid is used in a wide variety of equestrian applications to provide mud management, grass reinforcement and free draining solutions. It provides a complete riding surface for every discipline, specially designed to suit your needs and local conditions, consisting of the ground stabilising system EcoGrid and Equestrian tread layer.

Take advantage of the benefits of a proven riding surface. We deliver the range directly to site and then advise upon suitable sand and aggregate mixes. A complete, quality, premium and easy-care riding surface with an unbeatable price to performance ratio.


An EcoGrid equestrian solution effectively separates the sub-base from the footing layer, providing the following benefits:

  • Savings in excavation and in sub base material which can in many cases be completed with a minimal drainage layer.
  • Longer riding seasons and allowing riding in conditions which would not be possible without EcoGrid.
  • Prevention of sub-base mixing with footing and migration of footing, saving need for topping up.
  • Elastic nature of the grid provides an improved riding surface giving comfort for rider and easier on horse’s joints.
  • Safety to horse and rider due to patented locking system of the grids.
  • Quick and easy harrowing down to the grids for professional maintenance.
  • Millions of square metres installed worldwide with 20 year quality guarantee.

Where can it be used?

Equestrian Use Illustration

EcoGrid’s Equestrian Surfacing can be implemented in a wide variety of ways, here is an example:

  1. Outdoor riding arenas for every discipline
  2. Indoor riding arenas for every discipline
  3. Automatic walkers
  4. Watering areas and work areas
  5. Courtyards and loading areas
  6. Green roofs and parking reinforcement
    (All types, gravel or vegetated)
  7. Stalls
  8. Paddocks
  9. Turnouts, Feeders and Pastures
  10. Round pens

Supporting Documents

EquiGrids Equestrian Brochure

thumbnail of Ecogrid Equestrian Brochure

Case Study #1

thumbnail of Ecogrid case study-an outdoor riding facility in Eiblhof

Case Study #2

thumbnail of classic-dressage

More Case Studies

Surface Range Available

Waxed Surfaces

The Cushion Track Premier has a higher waxed content than other surfaces offered, resulting in a firmer feel for horse and rider as the horses will be riding on top of the surface.

Due to its synthetic nature its virtually indestructible, the makeup is a unique blend of environmentally approves synthetic fibres with a multi washed silica sand. The high-performance waxed coating can be manufactured to suit all climatic tolerances resulting in reduced maintenance requirements.

Cushion Track Premier    Cushion Track Premier

The Cushion Track Classic is a unique blend of multi-washed silica sand, Equestrian’s purpose manufactured stabilising fibres and a high-performance wax.

Resulting in the ideal surface for all disciplines and all usages. Whether this be a competition centre, professional yard or private facility, Cushion Track Classic surface can manage with all demands.

Cushion Track Classic   Cushion Track Classic

This Soundtrack surface features environmentally approved stabilising fibre, along with a multi washed silica sand blend with a high-performance wax, offering the ultimate comfort. Boasting frost proof and minimal maintenance required to keep within its premium condition.

Equestrian’s Soundtrack surface has become renowned for promoting healthiness in horses and preventing lower limb injuries, especially to dressage horses.

Soundtrack   Soundtrack

Waxtrack has the lowest wax content of all Equestrian’s waxed based surfaces but still obtains all the benefits of a waxed surface.

This surface improves impact absorption and provides a high-performance cushioned surface suitable for all disciplines, also being a low maintenance and cost-effective waxed surface.

Waxtrack   Waxtrack

Non Waxed Surfaces

Economy Track

  • Economy Track
  • Economy Track

Economy Track was designed for the advantages of a pre-mixed surface at an economical price, being one of Equestrian’s first fully synthetic surfaces as the stabilising fibres maximise the life span of the surface and create a quality surface sympathetic with both horse and rider.

This surface is made up from environmentally approved stabilising fibre with a multi washed silica sand, requiring irrigation in prolonged dry periods.

Sand, Fibres and Rubber

Multi Washed Silica Sand

  • Multi Washed Silica Sand
  • Multi Washed Silica Sand

Equestrian Surfaces only use the best quality multi washed silica sand, using only the finest quality sub angular silica sand allows for heavy compaction and good drainage.

Multi washed silica sand can be supplied on its own but works best with a fibre additive to retain moisture within the surface and allow for a more secure, consistent footing.

Stabilising Fibres

Stabilising fibre will effectively improve the performance of any arena whether this is incorporating some life to an existing surface or to add to a deep riding sand school, Equestrian’s stabilising fibre should be the product of choice.

The fibre is purely synthetic in origin resulting to an enhancement over the products life expectancy, with being environmentally certified in rigorous testing the surface will not break down or degrade over time.

Below are Equestrian’s synthetic fibre options:

Economy Stabilising Fibre components are purpose manufactured and selected for the desired properties required for an Equestrian riding surface.

This can be easily incorporated and improve the stability of new or existing sand as it rides on top of surfaces. Adding moisture retention thus creating a greater consistency in varying weather conditions and minimises effect of frost. Both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Economy Fibre Additives   Economy Fibre Additives

Premier Stabilising Fibre provides lateral and vertical binding to achieve optimum consistency and cushioning, dramatically enhance the performance of any sand surface.

Rides on top of surface thus can be easily incorporated and improve the stability of new or existing sand. Giving stability and elasticity to existing sand surfaces allowing significant impact absorption and improves return of surface through, “track memory”.

Premier Fibre Additives   Premier Fibre Additives

Equestrian Rubber crumb consists of 99% wire free rubber which has been processed through a granulator, washed and screened to approximately 40mm in size which is suitable for riding arenas.

As rubber will always sit on top of the surface it has no binding properties, which allows for a fibre additive to be added to existing rubber arenas and you’ll still get all the benefits from the original rubber surface, plus an additional frost resistant layer.

Equine Rubber   Equine Rubber

So, which EcoGrid?

The following grid options are suitable for your desired application. Learn more about each on the EcoGrid product pages.

EcoGrid TR40 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid TR40

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EcoGrid E40 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E40

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EcoGrid S50 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid S50

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Fully Permeable

‘Kind to the environment’

100% free draining providing a complete SuDS solution. EcoGrid is carbon neutral and has zero effect on the environment. EcoGrid is made from specially selected plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Beyond Strong

‘Loads of up to 800t/sqm’

Our loading capacities are independently tested and published. Our range is fully tested and approved by the European TUV and RAL centres. EcoGrid is also a fully approved NATO supply product with tens of thousands sold worldwide.

Unrivalled Solution

‘The World’s #1’

With over 1.5 million sqm sold in 2017, EcoGrid is unrivalled in product sales. With a fully automated, sustainable European factory. We also go ‘the extra’ mile with technical advice and general assistance.

More Applications

EcoGrid can be used for a huge variety of applications; from lightweight landscaping implementations to heavyweight aviation surfacing.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Loading Area On Gravel Filled EcoGrid

Gravel Surfacing

Light Resin Bound Stone Driveway

Resin Bound Stone

Grass Filled EcoGrid Car Park With Bay Markers

Grass Surfacing

EcoGrid Ground Reinforcement For Heavy Duty Vehicle In Construction

Construction Sites