We believe that in order for a product range to be diverse and useful it must be expandable, this is why EcoGrid is designed from the ground up to be modular.

What can our accessories do to help?

  • Add curves on both the X and Y axis for curved pathways and sloped surfaces
  • Add modular surfaces to grids creating a comfortable and safe surface for children or animals
  • Add a finishing touch to your grids and trays with our edging systems
  • Add pins and markers to make secure permanent parking solutions

Brochures and specifications on our accessories can be downloaded from our download section.

“Designed from the ground up to be modular.”

Our range of accessories expands upon the interconnecting nature of EcoGrid permeable paving and makes the product range useful in situations where a flat and rigid surface is not appropriate.


Complete your EcoGrid installation with add-ons and accessories.

Flat Parking Bay Markers


Ecogrid Flat Parking Bay Markers are fully UV stable and are designed to push-fit into the cellular EcoGrid design to provide a secure fitting, bay markers are ideal for all temporary or permanent parking applications where it’s key to designate spaces.

These will be required in both public and private parking. The markers can also be used to create other signs or warnings as the contractor/client sees fit.

Available in White and Yellow as standard

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Raised Parking Bay Markers


The raised version of EcoGrids bay markers is slightly larger than the original flush version. They are commonly used in projects when the surface finish is going to be raised from the grid, such as grass fill applications.

Most parking bays are 2.5 x 5 metres. In this case, the most appropriate full grid setting would be 2.31m (7 grids) x 4.950(15 grids). If a single marker is fitted to a single grid, the amount required per bay would be 22 although there is a variety of more budget fitting methods.

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EcoGrid Aluflex Edge


The EcoGrid Aluflex system is easy to fit and provides a professional finish to any EcoGrid installation or as a standalone product. Making it ideal for resin bound stone, gravel and grass fill applications.

The EcoGrid Aluflex edge can be fitted under EcoGrid permeable grids or outside. The edge comes in lengths of 2 metres and is joined with a sliding clip to affix one edge seamlessly to the next.

EcoGrid Aluflex edging is completely flexible and can be shaped to any radius required.

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Ecogrid curve

The Ecogrid curve system facilitates curves both on the horizontal and the vertical. This means that you can produce any curve to any radius to an Ecogrid installation without the need for cutting. You can even create a circular pathway. Most installers would start a pathway, place a row of curves in to start, place more grid sections, another row and so-on. The Ecogrid curve is 330mm (A grid) wide and 100mm when closed, opening up to approximately 160mm at the maximum point. 40 and 50mm depths


The Ecogrid angled section comes in both 40mm and 50mm depths. It allows the laying of a continuous grid system from the horizontal to the vertical, especially useful for installations that may have, for example, a gravel filled car parking facility with an embankment to the rear that may need retention


Ecogrid stock a wide range of pins for the system, our most commonly sold is our ‘J’ pin which is added to add a security measure to installations where stability may be in-doubt. An example of this would be when there is a severe slope and potential for the grid system to lift.

Large style ground pins or spikes may be advised when there is an area where lorries would execute tight turns.


Used to securley join two grid sections together in the absence of the Ecogrid standard, patented lug system, to join sedum trays together or to affix edgings to our Ecogrid Ecosedum trays


Our Ecogrid resin comes in 7.5 litre kit form, two part. One kit is generally mixed with 125kg of specially sized and dried aggregate for a resin bound stone surfacing applied to a filled Ecogrid surface. A non-slip and permeable option for an Ecogrid surface.

ECOGRID Plastic lumber

Our Ecogrid plastic wood range is made from 100% recycled plastics and come in a number of sizes and thicknesses. The main seller for us is our 150mm deep, 30mm wide black plastic wood which is sold in lengths of 3.1 metre or cut variations thereof. Specifically, this product is sold as a robust edging and retainer system in conjunction with an Ecogrid surface such as a pathway where the infill and over-rider to the grid system needs a substantial restraint or an equestrian surface where the tread layer needs retaining.


We stock a wide range of Galfan coated gabion baskets

Gabion boxes and Mattresses are made from 76.2mm x 76.2mm nominal (3″ x 3″) Welded Mesh, divided by diaphrams at 1 metre centres where necessary with wire diameters 3mm, 4mm or 5mm.

All mesh panels used to produce our baskets are European sourced and conform to
EN10244-2:2009 (Class A) with a tensile range of 540-770N/mm2, steel grade 0.10%
Carbon max, Weld sheer strength minimum 75% of the tensile strength of the wire.
Prices include all lacing wire required for final assembly

Our Gabions comply with the Department of
Transport White Book specification, as detailed in
section: 6.26/4, and amended August 1994.

Equestrian Surface Ranges


Equestrian’s range of surfaces are developed under extreme controlled conditions enabling consistency throughout every product, with a proven track record throughout every surface manufactured for Dressage, Show, Polo or any other disciplines. Meeting BS EN ISO9001 quality requirements.

Surface options range from pre-mixed wax coated surfaces to synthetic surface additive which appeal to all budgets and disciplines.

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