Site Survey

Our team can claim a vast amount of experience in looking at your proposed installation and suggesting a methodology for installs, a suitable product and options available to make the project both cost-effective and profitable for you.

Services usually take the form of:

Meter measuring wheel

Step 1 – An initial telephone enquiry, perhaps with a PDF of supplied plans.

Step 2 – A reply in a swift manner with suggested products suitable and a range of options to choose.

Step 3 – A quotation for the materials, including any sub-base and fill options should they be required.

Step 4 – A site visit where we can measure the site and make further fitting instructions with some options that may be costed: Percolation testing, CBR testing contamination reports and plate testing.

Step 5 – A final quotation if the first has altered in any way with delivery advice and offload options.

Step 6 – The offer of utilising the services of an EcoGrid approved installation partner.

Step 7 – Supply of goods in an expedient manner. Payment may be on a pro-forma, through a preferred merchant or account basis.

Step 8 – The option of a further site visit to alleviate any potential fitting concerns and questions arising from the installation teams should option 6 not be required.

Step 9 – The costed option of ‘signing off’ of the install with a maintenance schedule should it be required.

Site Survey Request
If you are interested in a site visit from EcoGrid then please fill out the form below:
Please be sure to provide an acceptable date for you and we will try our best to accommodate this.