Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Stone Paving Grid System

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EcoGrid is an ideal product as a permeable, ground reinforcement system that reduces the levels of sub base and drainage, is not labour intensive, can be laid in all weathers and is an easy fit base system for all resin bound stone applications.

We offer a complete solution:

  • Approved membranes
  • EcoGrid load bearing base

  • Own-brand resin

  • A selection of aggregate blends

  • Free remote advice and guidance

EcoGrid E40 XXL PavingOur Suggested Grid Pairing : EcoGrid E40 XXL
The EcoGrid E40 XXL grid is the ideal grid for resin bound sub base installations, a great cost saving alternative to a concrete or tarmac base using a proven engineered product that is 87% permeable and fully SUDs compliant. Benefits include a reduced dig out resulting in less cost for labour and materials with no mess, easy and quick to lay being 133x100x4cm in size and only 6.35kg per 1.33 square metre grid, providing a strong stable monolithic structure (when filled) which withstands temperatures of minus 50C to plus 90C and the capacity of an axle loading of 20 tonne per m2 or a massive 800 tonne per m2 (depending on type of build up, fill and resin)

See more information on our E40 XXL Grid.


Resin bound stone is a new and effective way of providing a highly aesthetic surface for your home or business premises. It can be installed internally or externally to provide a surface that is both very robust and load bearing, but also fully permeable. This means that any water that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the EcoGrid base system to naturally dissipate into the water table or specific route designed for your project.

These types of surfaces have an obvious advantage in current times as they are free draining and therefore effectively add to flood risk prevention. A resin bound surface is SuDS compliant and normally requires no planning permission; an important fact with the newly introduced surface water regulations.

In the past, resin bound stone was floated over a variety of sub-bases such as porous asphalt, tarmac or shredded rubber. While these are perfectly acceptable sub-bases, they are often not very environmentally friendly, difficult to lay, very costly and require a high skill set to install.

The EcoGrid system employs patented EcoGrid paving as the permeable, load bearing base. This is a product that is made from completely recycled materials and has a load bearing capability up to 800 tonnes per square metre. The grids carry a patented locking mechanism that is unique to this product and ensures that once the grid is locked in place, it stays in place. The grid system has a low surface area of exposed plastic, allowing a strong bond between the stone infill and the resin bound surface.

Apply Resin Bound Stone On Top Of EcoGrid To Finish

We offer a complete turnkey solution to all clients:

  • Initial consultation by telephone, email, video call
  • Written, fixed term quotations and design assistance
  • Site visits, surveys and advice
  • Sample supply
  • CPD and product awareness training
  • UK approved fitting network
  • Efficient supply chain from extensive UK stock
  • Swift, up to ‘same day’ additional product supply
  • Consultations with installation teams across the whole of the UK
  • Aftercare advice and on-going support

Our aggregate blends

These are examples only – if you have a specific requirement then let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

The depth that the system is laid too is entirely dependant on the size of the aggregate used. As a general rule of thumb & guide, we suggest laying to a depth of 3x the size of the largest grade of aggregate e.g. if using 3-5mm, you should lay to at least 15mm deep.

Types of Resin

UV and Non UV Resin – We sell both Aliphatic (UV) and Aromatic (Non-UV) resin kits. Aliphatic are always in 7.5kg kits and aromatic is always 6.5kg. 99% of people will require Aliphatic as these kits are predominantly used outdoors on driveways, which of course are subject to lots of sunlight and uv light which will cause discolouration of resin if aromatic is used. This discolouration sets in quickly (matter of days) and is permanent.

Different Grades of Resin – For all customers in the UK, unless requested otherwise, we will send out the correct grade of resin based on the current weather conditions. We have 4 grades; winter, spring/autumn, summer and super summer. Each has a varying amount of catalyst in which will give a different working time dependent on the weather. We also offer an Extended Cure non-UV kit as well.

Please see below table for a rough guide on when we will make the change from one grade to another, dependant on the current weather conditions:


5°c - 15°c


10°c - 20°c


15°c - 25°c

Super Summer

20°c - 30°c

Transitioning between seasons is often influenced by specific trigger temperatures. During the winter months, the arrival of spring or autumn is typically signaled when the temperature reaches approximately 10°C. In the pleasant seasons of spring or autumn, the transition to summer occurs at around 15°C. As summer takes hold, it gives way to a particularly intense period known as “super summer,” which typically commences when temperatures soar to approximately 20°C. These trigger temperatures act as natural markers for the changing seasons, delineating shifts in weather patterns and atmospheric conditions.

Please take a moment to review the table located on the right-hand side, which outlines the prescribed conditions for incorporating a catalyst per kit. It’s worth noting that when dealing with super summer supply, adding a catalyst becomes an option if there is an unexpected temperature decline during the laying process. Following these guidelines ensures that the catalyst is utilised effectively, resulting in desirable outcomes.

Temperature / °c Dosage of Catalyst / ml
5 – 1030
10 – 1520
15 – 2010
20 – 255
25 – 300

Typical Installation Instructions

Excavation can be from as little as 180mm for standard vehicle domestic applications meaning that there are a number of inherent advantages: Less excavation therefore less waste to landfill and quicker preparation; Less requirement for hard-core; Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour; No down time due to inclement weather as the base can be laid in the wet; No inconvenience to clients as the grids are immediately load bearing. bound system are maintained with the edge detail.

  • A type 3 reduced fines or clean sharp angular stone hard-core base to ensure maximum permeability and strength is laid to required depths (generally 60-100mm for domestic driveways).
  • A membrane layer is laid on the top of the hard-core layer, this stabilises the ground, stops weed growth, stops the migration of the sub-base and acts as an important hydrocarbon filtration layer.
  • A thin (10-20mm) sharp sand or fine clean stone screed is laid on the membrane to ‘bed in’ the grids.
  • The grids are laid and curves are put in place with our unique Aluflex Aluminium curving unit as required.
  • The grids are filled with the same sharp angular stone as the screed layer.
  • Pattern features are put in-place with our 19mm Aluflex edging system
  • The EcoGrid resin system is mixed in an industry standard force mixer and then floated over the top of the filled grid. Our resin is fully UV stable.
  • Levels of depth of the resin bound system are maintained with the edge detail.

For full and in depth installation guidelines please refer to our installation guide.

Supporting Documents

Product Guide

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Case Study #1

thumbnail of Ecogrid case study-resin bound stone surfacing

Case Study #2

thumbnail of Essex resin bound stone driveway

Product We Sell


The EcoGrid approved quality membrane, cut to size to suit your installation.

EcoGrid E40 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid Paving (E40)

An appropriate EcoGrid for your loading (usually E40 for most resin bound stone applications)

AluFlex Edging

Our own exclusive Aluflex Aluminium edging system in a variety of depths from 19mm to 150mm.


EcoGrid aliphatic own brand resin in tubs of 7.5kg.

Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover

Aluminium Manhole Cover

EcoGrid exclusive aluminium chamber covers from 150mm square to 1000mm square and a variety of depths.

Washed Aggregates

A range of bagged and washed aggregates from various suppliers.

Customers can buy all the above or just products that they feel are not available elsewhere.

You Buy locally

‘Because it is cheaper for you’

The hardcore base (Usually type 2 with clean stone mix or type 3 reduced fines.

The fine stone needs for the grid infill.

(NOTE: On larger installations, we can estimate and supply the sub-base and infill stone direct to site.)

Get Started

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Measure up your area

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‘Next-day delivery available’

We will give you a delivered price for all that you need and swiftly dispatch the goods direct to site. They come on a tail lift vehicle and by use of a pallet truck, carried to the site edge ready for use.


EcoGrid resin bound stone paving to:

  • Domestic front gardens
  • Driveways
  • All commercial scenarios

The objective here is to reduce flood risk and mitigate the effect of years of paving over what were naturally green areas with non-permeable surfaces.

Builder Lays Resin Bound Stones On EcoGrid And Gravel

You don’t need planning permission to build or replace a driveway of any size if:

  • you use permeable (or porous) surfacing, e.g. gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt
  • the rainwater flows to a lawn or border to drain naturally.

If you cover more than five square metres using traditional materials that don’t let water through, you need planning permission.

These rules apply to the area of land between the front walls of the house and the highway. This is classed as in curtilage.

Surfacing is not acceptable/deemed permeable in the following scenarios:

  1. Over-lays to existing concrete or Tarmacadam surfacing even if the concrete/Tarmacadam has been drilled or altered in any way to make it ‘permeable’ unless the existing concrete did not fall to roadways or to existing house drains. Such alteration is prone to clogging with surface detritus.
  2. Any surfacing falls to existing gulley points around the house
  3. Any surfacing is found to fall to roadways or outside of the property.

Surfacing is not deemed permeable:

  1. If any of the surface courses are not deemed permeable such as type 1 with a high fines content sub-base, open grade tarmacadam with too high a tar content which would inhibit permeability.

Surface water can be directed away from traditional drainage points or falls to roadways by the use of attenuation systems, rainwater harvesting systems or infiltration systems.

Known as soakaways in the past, usually formed from excavating a pit and filling with clean stone. Problem is that the void ratio was only 30%. Modern systems are formed with the use of crated soakaways wrapped with a geotextile fabric towards which surface falls are directed. Surface water enters the infiltration system via falls or channel drains and fills the system. Water dissipates over a non-specific period of time.

This is similar to an infiltration system but the crate is wrapped with a non-permeable membrane. Flow out of the system is regulated by a flow control such as a vortex flow control device. E.G 30 litres per second.

A system that consists of an underground or above ground tank. Rainwater is still attenuated but can also be used for various uses around the house such as garden watering, car washing, toilet flushing.

Resin Bound Stone FAQs

Resin Bound Stone Surfacing On Pathway Including Gaps Between The Stairs and Block Paving

Sure, there are a lot of other grids out there, we know EcoGrid is the best but it is fair enough that you may not believe us. Try it! We know that you won’t be disappointed but if you don’t want to, ask yourself

  • Can I take one grid apart from the next one easily? If you can, they are unlikely to stay together when in situ.
  • Is my grid system temperature compliant for resin bound stone? Materials like HDPE or mixed plastics expand at different rates to resin. EcoGrid has been tested to expand at the same rate as resin.
  • Is the grid system made from HDPE or a hard plastic? EcoGrid is made from specially selected LDPE which means it is flexible and strong. A hard plastic may crack and show through the resin bound surface.

Fair enough, trying any new method of construction can be daunting. We did our due diligence many years ago and have been supplying grids for driveways for over 11 years now. Tarmac will also not be around forever, it is oil based and will continue to rise in price whilst being less and less acceptable as a sustainable system due to the leaching of chemicals in to the aquifers/water-table

Well, I suppose you can but this is not a permeable solution and is not acceptable under SuDS guidelines for planners. A permeable surface is one that is free draining from the top surface, right through all layers to the water table or excavation layer. There must be no run-off either to the roadway or to the household drains. These planning regulations came in to force in 2008 but have only been enforced in recent years because of flood risk prevention.

So, which EcoGrid?

The following grid options are suitable for your desired application. Learn more about each on the EcoGrid product pages.

EcoGrid E30 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E30

EcoGrid E40 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E40

EcoGrid E50 Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid E50


Fully Permeable

‘Kind to the environment’

100% free draining providing a complete SuDS solution. EcoGrid is carbon neutral and has zero effect on the environment. EcoGrid is made from specially selected plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Beyond Strong

‘Loads of up to 800t/sqm’

Our loading capacities are independently tested and published. Our range is fully tested and approved by the European TUV and RAL centres. EcoGrid is also a fully approved NATO supply product with tens of thousands sold worldwide.

Unrivalled Solution

‘The World’s #1’

With over 1.5 million sqm sold in 2017, EcoGrid is unrivalled in product sales. With a fully automated, sustainable European factory. We also go ‘the extra’ mile with technical advice and general assistance.

More Applications

EcoGrid can be used for a huge variety of applications; from lightweight landscaping implementations to heavyweight aviation surfacing.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Loading Area On Gravel Filled EcoGrid

Gravel Surfacing

Grass Filled EcoGrid Car Park With Bay Markers

Grass Surfacing

Horse And The Rider On Horse Arena With Tread Layer

Equestrian Applications

EcoGrid Ground Reinforcement For Heavy Duty Vehicle In Construction

Construction Sites