EcoGrid can create curves for circular pathways and walkways, lay a circular surface, or change direction to install on a slope. With our 100% recycled plastic grids, we make it easier for you,  It’s as simple as ABC with EcoGrid!

You can create complex curves by either using our connection pieces  (EcoGrid Curve and EcoGrid Angle Section) or cut the grid to shape with a handsaw/chainsaw.

EcoGrid Connection Pieces

The curve can be increased in radius by adding more curved sections. These curved sections fit securely to EcoGrid to allow a continuous curve without the need for cutting of unstable gaps which you get with other products. Edge detail can be fixed easily later to retain any aggregate infill onto the covered surface.

EcoGrid Angled Section EcoGrid Curve

Both EcoGrid Curve and EcoGrid Angle Section are designed to be used in conjunction with almost all EcoGrid permeable ground stabilisation grids, this makes creating curves and changing direction easier.

This creates a seamless edge at the joints and maintains an excellent shape.

Calculating how many curve pieces do you need is effortless, you can then order the exact amount for your project, leaving no waste or ordering too much.

The curves can be attached to EcoGrids in the same way as two grids attach each other, very simple and straightforward.

All the benefits come with a small cost. Grid curves are an added expense for the project, whereas the costs are reduced if you are using the cutting method (keep reading to find out the cutting method).



You are basically cutting the grid manually to the desired shape, this won’t affect the performance or strength of the grid.

Although EcoGrid permeable paving tiles are strong and have exceptional load-bearing performance, you can cut them with an ordinary handsaw. Or a chainsaw for a faster and tidier edge.

The easy to cut grids is one advantage, but to cut them well relies upon accuracy. Since you have lots of flexibility to manipulate the shape of the grids, there is a higher chance for imperfect cutting. Also, cutting and throwing away the excess will mean more wasted materials.

In addition, cutting the grids manually will require you to measure and make sure the cut grid will fit taking more time and effort, For this reason, resulting in a higher labour/time cost.



In conclusion,  We recommended that both methods can give excellent results, The important thing is to pick the right method for your project, your skillset and your circumstances.

Are you ready to have a go and create your own curve? Awesome!

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