Bloxx Ground Reinforcement System

Granite Inserts

The EcoGrid Bloxx is a unique housing system with a twin wall design meaning that detritus is never compacted within the joints but is washed away with rainfall, leaving the system permanently permeable. The Bloxx system is digned for use in conjunction with EcoGrid’s grass or gravel filled paving system or as a ‘stand alone’ system for permeable solid hard standing.

Each Bloxx housing tile measures 330 x 330 x 50mm with a wall thickness of 18mm, withstanding a load of 800 tonnes/sqm when filled and is made from 100% recycled polyethylene. The granite inserts are manufactured from natural stone providing a solid hard standing surface with an aesthetically pleasing finish, measuring 140 x 140 x 46mm and resulting to a square metre weighting approximately 9.55kg.

800 Tonnes
Carrying Load /M2

40 Tonnes Axle Load
Compression Strength

33 x 33 x 5cm

100% Recycled
LDPE Material

7mm Wall Thickness
50mm Wall Height

Housing Colour Options:





Concrete Insert Colour Options:





Mid Black


EcoGrid Bloxx Half Sections

With all the specifications as above, the half Bloxx system allows a finer width or depth specifications for installations. They are also specified when clients require a more formal bay delineation for parking systems.

ECORASTER Bloxx is inter alia protected by German Utility Model 201014106285, Polish Utility Model W.124709; US-Patent 10094073, European Patent Application 3237682 & further applications outside of Europe.

Bloxx Specifications

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General Use Guide

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