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Permeable Paving Related

You can lay over Tarmac or concrete, in fact over any surfaces that are stable and compacted. There are considerations to this:

  • Dwelling damp proof courses: Finished levels are usually agreed to be 2 bricks or 150mm below the damp proof course. This is a black line visible on the base of the house and can be a membrane, bitumen, slate or other suitable non-penetrable layers. If the infill to the grids is gravel, this is a fill medium that does not splash over or breach the damp proof course (DPC), therefore finished levels can be set higher.
  • We would recommend a geotextile layer to go down first over the cleared surface, this can be one of our stock items NW6 or NW8, a strong non-woven product that will inhibit weed growth and offer a degree of stability to the surface.
  • We then would recommend a 20-30mm screed layer of fine stone (4-6mm) or sharp sand (large granulate), levelled flat and compacted by a vibrating plate or roller.
  • The grids are then laid, this is easy as they arrive on a pallet in sheets or twelve grids or 1.33 square metres pre-locked together. They are not heavy and clip together very easily without the need for any other connectors, fastenings or ground pins.
  • The grids are then filled with your stone of choice. We recommend an angular stone of about 10mm average. Rounded riverbed gravel is OK but this will not lock together as well as the angular stone.

Please note that if you lay EcoGrid over a tarmac or non-permeable level, the EcoGrid and infill will be permeable but the base will not. This may affect planning permissions.

EcoGrid is ideal for laying in a sloping environment because it is the only retention system that features a patented locking mechanism to the grids which ensures each grid is firmly secured to the next, each metre to the next etc etc. This creates a sheet of locked materials across the proposed finished surface that will retain its strength and stability.

Although the surface will be stable, in order to retain a stone infill to a slope, you may consider the following:

  • The grids will only retain the stone that sits level or perpendicular to the slope within the individual cells of the grid. This is improved if the infill material is angular stone. A size of 20-30mm is best as the smaller grade will compact and lock better. A ‘flat’ infill such as Welsh slate/Cornish slate is great as it sits nicely in the grid system and moved very little. It also is not picked up in the tread of vehicle tyre treads.
  • Areas of grids can be pinned, we supply a large selection of suitable products for this from 150mm moulded pins to 1500mm galvanised steel spikes.
  • The option of ‘topping’ the grid surface on a slope with resin bound stone is available. This in layman’s terms is a stone topping that is ‘glued’ together but remains permeable. It is a highly strong bonded surface but the down-side is that it is quite expensive.

It is common to find that areas to be trafficked are subject to tree preservation orders (TPO). EcoGrid is ideal as a finished surfacing to this and can be either grass or gravel filled.

  • The finish is fully load bearing up to lorry (HGV) standard dependent upon the grade of EcoGrid specified
  • The surface is fully permeable
  • EcoGrid will allow natural movement of the ground (heave) and will remain unaffected and stable
  • EcoGrid has a high degree of lateral loading, spreading stress across the surface of the trafficked area

Some specifiers may require further products to be installed as a ‘belt and braces’ approach. We offer EcoGrid web cell to the sub-base level, this is a product that sits on the excavated layer or over the surface as existing. The EcoGrid web cell is stretched and pinned, then filled with clean stone. It is topped with a geotextile membrane, a screed layer then the EcoGrid surface; filled with the finish of your choice.

If you lay a sub-base and compact this, sometimes, that base would be very hard and the finished levels may not be that good. We lay a geotextile layer on top of the sub-base because:

  • The geotextile provides extra stability
  • The geotextile provides added filtration
  • The geotextile stops the sub-base migrating up through the screed and grid/grid infill
  • The geotextile provides a weed inhibiting layer
  • The geotextile acts as an acoustic barrier

We lay a screed layer on the top of the geotextile because:

  • The screed layer provides a finer level finish
  • The screed layer provides a cushion during heavy traffic
  • The screed layer acts as an acoustic barrier

EcoGrid is a system that comes in sheets of twelve grids pre-locked together so fitting is swift.

EcoGrid can be fitted over a grassed surface and the grass will eventually grow through the grid and not be seen. The type of grid used would be dependent upon the type of traffic that would be going over it:

Pedestrians and light vehicles: E30 or our x30 grid

Light to medium vehicles: Our e40 grid

Medium to heavy goods vehicles: our e50 grid

It has to be said that the finish of the surface, the longevity and stability is directly dependent on the type of ground on which it sits, what we call the California bearing rate (CBR), essentially this means the hardness or softness of the soil, harder then it will be more stable, softer less.

It also should be noted that we advise that grassed areas are excavated and prepared as per our fitting instructions. That is not to say that laying over grass won’t work; it will. It just may not be quite as good a finish as you may get when installed to specification. We can also supply ground anchors to firmly secure the grids to the existing grassed finish.

Well, no, not really. EcoGrid is priced extremely reasonably when one looks at the quality of the product when viewed against other alternatives. When we look at carpets, we know we can buy a £2.99 per square metre rubber backed product that will look OK but we wouldn’t really expect it to last very long. We could also buy a product such as Axminster which would last hundreds of years, look and feel superb. It is a question of value for money. With a 20 year guarantee, all the required certification, 22 years of documented case studies, resistance to all extremes of temperature and chemicals and sales of 15 million per year all across the World, we really can boast that EcoGrid and Ecoraster are the NO1 and represent great value for money.

Not at all, we approve installers who have been on our training course but this only gives them a little more product knowledge. Your local builder or landscaper can have ‘on the job’ training from us. We have installation guides and lots of tips and tricks to share.

No, that is the great thing about EcoGrid, it is positively encouraged by the planning departments as it has a positive environmental impact, reversing decades of paving over driveways with unsightly concrete, block paving, tarmac and resin bonded surfaces.

…Note that if you are laying over 5 square metres of the surfaces as


and could be asked for it retrospectively if you lay these surfaces and this is extremely expensive….be warned! This applies to drive extensions also.


Patterned imprinted concrete

Block paving

Yes, yes. and wow what a fantastic concept, imagine going out to ‘mow’ the driveway!!. Totally porous, aesthetic and environmentally friendly. We supply specialist seeds to facilitate this and also offer on-site advice for turf filled grids. It is possible for suitably trained professionals to lay EcoGrid tiles, part fill with our 30/70 soil mix and then roll turf in to the grid with a vibrating roller or plate compactor.

Well if you are going to dig out the turf first, then I think the 30mm will do just fine, however to be on the safe side, I would lay the S50. A thicker tile which will better be placed to keep damp at bay.
E50 is the strongest tile with a load capability of 800 tonnes(per square metre) and 50 is the depth of the tile, S50 is still 50mm deep but has a load of 500 tonnes (fine for most situations), E40 is 40mm and still 500 tonnes load, EL30 is 30mm and again 400 tonnes.

Of course, send us a sketch, deviding the areas in to squares or triangles, we will do the rest and give you a fixed material price.

Well, we keep over 10,000 square metres in stock at any one time so general deliveries can be dispatched the same day that an order comes in as long as it does so before 1pm. Larger orders over 1200 square metres will probably be sent direct from our factory in Arzberg, Germany. If this is the case then the lead time is generally 4-5 days.

We have a trade counter and fork lift loading facilities, if you need help then there is always some assistance available from our warehouse staff who will be happy to help.

Monday to Thursday 8.00am-5.00 pm, Friday 8.00am-4.00pm although there is usually someone here at 7.00 am, if the gates are open then we are open.

Resin Bound Stone Toppings and Stabilised Grid Base Systems Related

Apply Resin Bound Stone On Top Of EcoGrid To Finish

No, that’s what makes EcoGrid resin stone unique! Unlike other companies who lay resin surfaces EcoGrid is the only company who produce a resin bound surface that is totally porous. Unlike other resin paving companies there is no need to lay EcoGrid resin stone on either Tarmac or Concrete.

Because of this massive saving EcoGrid resin stone is very competitively priced. Far cheaper than companies that employ the use of costly shredded rubber which is coated in a resin mixture.

EcoGrid resin stone has been thoroughly tested to withstand freeze thaw conditions. It will not crack or lift as water freezes and expands. Unlike other resin finishes which don’t have our unique EcoGrid fully load bearing base system.

The type3 Sub base contains voids within its structure. The voids hold and slow down the flow of water back into the water table. This action prevents flash flooding. Both the EcoGrid reinforced base system and resin are able to expand and contract without cracking so water freezing within the voids does not present a problem.

No. Because EcoGrid resin stone is totally porous and water soaks back into the water table unlike other resin systems, no planning permission need be applied for. EcoGrid is made from completely recycled materials and is classed as environmentally neutral

No! Because rain water soaks back in to ground and not the main drain controlled by the water companies.

EcoGrid resin stone is maintenance free and easy to look after. It can be cleaned with a power washer if desired or simply brushed with a stiff broom.

We offer 15 colours in our standard range. However we are happy to quote on any other colour outside our range.

Payment and Service Related

Use A Loader To Carry And Pour Gravel Into EcoGrid

30-day account form request.

Card Payment
Company debit card
Company credit card
Cheque: Goods only released when funds have cleared

Varied really. Most of our orders need to go on a pallet. A pallet
costs £60.00 (correct as of 6/3/23) to most UK destinations. Full load rates on request which are generally carriage free.

You can always either pick goods up for nothing or use your own hauliers.

Absolutely, you can have, lets say. 10 metres of one grid, 10 of another and some bay markers and geotextile. We will always do our best to keep haulage down to a minimum.

We have a number of websites that contain information and the team will be happy to let you know which one applies. We also have many product specification sheets and or installation sheets/instructions available
should you require them.

If you have an account, you usually will have an account manager, however any member of our team will be happy to assist you with your query.

Generally brochures which can be given in digital form so that you can print them off with your own company details. Counter stands for EcoGrid are available with purchases.

A difficult one considering the way we are able to market products nowadays. If you look to stock a product range then we are open to discuss potential area exclusivity. However, maintained purchase levels would need to be achieved.

No per-se but we do have classroom facilities where we teach sustainable building practices, individuals and companies that have been correctly instructed are added to an approved contractor list which we offer on an area specific basis, then we will refer your proposed installation to them, this way we know that you are getting treated well by bona-fide companies.

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