Geotechnical Survey

We offer geotechnical site investigation specialising in onsite CBR / Plate load bearing testing. Offering a fast, efficient, friendly and reliable onsite service that is second to none our reports will be back to clients in 24 hours or less, we can also help with any CLEA (Contaminated Land Exposure assessment), MCT moisture content testing you may Require.

California Bearing Ratio

(CBR) California bearing ratio is usually used for evaluation of the mechanical strength of natural ground, subgrades and basecourses carried out for clients who require information relating to sub base materials when undertaking projects such as road build up, pavement design, car parking/loading areas or temporary foundations.

Plate Load Bearing Testing

(PLT) Plate load bearing testing is usually used for the verification of the bearing capacity at different levels/depths, soil surface or to test compaction of granular sub base materials and road surfaces.

Method for Onsite CBR/Plate Load Bearing Testing:

Technicians will select an area required for testing.

Sand will be placed on level ground before placing either a 300mm,450mm,600mm diameter plate on top.

A machine and driver swill be manoeuvred into position above the plate and then the drive will switch the machine off.

A datum bar assembly kit with digital dials will then be placed on the ground underneath the machine with dials touching the plate.

A bottle jack and load cell will be placed centrally on the plate and raised to meet the machines undercarriage.

The dials are set, and the test begins by jacking the machine up and taking readings at different stages.

When the testing is completed the equipment is removed and placed into the supplied vehicle for the next location.

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