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Project Description

Laying on a slope

Ecogrid is ideal for laying in a sloping environment because it is the only retention system that features a patented locking mechanism to the grids which ensures each grid is firmly secured to the next, each metre to the next etc etc. This creates a sheet of locked materials across the proposed finished surface that will retain its strength and stability.

Although the surface will be stable, in order to retain a stone infill to a slope, you may consider the following:

  • The grids will only retain the stone that sits level or perpendicular to the slope within the individual cells of the grid. This is improved if the infill material is angular stone. A size of 20-30mm is best as the larger grade will lock better.
  • Areas of grids can be pinned, we supply a large selection of suitable products for this from 150mm moulded pins to 1500mm galvanised steel spikes.
  • The option of ‘topping’ the grid surface on a slope with resin bound stone is available. This in layman’s terms is a stone topping that is ‘glued’ together but remains permeable. It is a highly strong bonded surface but the down-side is that it is quite expensive.

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