EcoGrid is the ideal product for all aspects of landscape construction.

What is it?

ECOGRID® meets all the requirements of an environmentally compatible ground reinforcement system, without sealing the soil. The recycled and durable tiles made of pure polyethylene are also absolutely environmentally neutral. With an area of 1.33 m² per module and a low net weight, laying couldn’t be easier. If necessary, several thousand square metres of ground reinforcement can be laid in just one day. As soon as the patented connection system clicks into place, a single uninterrupted flat surface is created – piece by piece. The load spreading design reliably prevents the edges of individual tiles from protruding and prevents hollows or even subsidence from occurring.

EcoGrid prevents erosion by:

Reinforcing the ground and preventing the excessive migration of fill materials;

Providing a permeable surface to assist in ground water absorption, thus decreasing water runoff.

In its prevention of erosion, EcoGrid provides stability and safety, while improving an area’s aesthetics and reducing maintenance cost.

Often we get scenarios where excavation is not possible or is minimal such as sites of archaeological value or in areas where tree roots need protecting. Here the issue is that the sub-base needs to be as thin as possible whilst still retaining surface loading. Often here, we advise laying of a geotextile layer first, then a layer of (for example) 100mm clean 20mm stone retained by our Ecogrid Cell Web, a secondary geotextile layer is then laid and then the Ecogrid standard grids or Ecogrid Bloxx is laid.

We offer a complete turnkey solution to all clients:

  • Initial consultation by telephone, email, video call
  • Written, fixed term quotations and design advice
  • Site visits, surveys and advice
  • Sample supply
  • CPD visits
  • Efficient supply chain from extensive UK stock
  • Swift, up to ‘same day’ additional product supply
  • Consultations with installation teams throughout the installation
  • Aftercare advice and on-going support


The following grid options are suitable for your desired application. Learn more about each on the EcoGrid product pages.

EcoGrid A50

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EcoGrid E40

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EcoGrid E50

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Fully permeable. Kind to the environment.

100% free draining providing a complete SuDS solution. Ecogrid is carbon neutral and has zero effect on the environment. ECogrid is made from specially selected plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Beyond strong. Loads of up to 800t/sqm.

Our loading capacities are independently tested and published. Our range is fully tested and approved by the European TUV and RAL centres. Ecogrid is also a fully approved NATO supply product with tens of thousands sold Worldwide.

Unrivalled solution. The World’s #1.

With over 1.5 million sqm sold in 2017, Ecogrid is unrivalled in product sales. With a fully automated, sustainable European factory.We also go ‘the extra’ mile with technical advice and general assistance.


EcoGrid can be used for a huge variety of applications; from lightweight landscaping implementations to heavyweight aviation surfacing.