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EcoGrid goes Equestrian and changes the game!

EcoGrid's word-leading ground reinforcement solutions are unrivalled on the market. Permeable, long-lasting, aesthetic, and super-quick to install thanks to a unique inter-locking system (as much as 100m² per hour, per person). The grid has a multitude of uses; enhancing car parks, driveways, pathways, access routes, construction sites, camp sites, and lots more all over the [...]

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10 Quick (But Crucial!) Reasons to Choose EcoGrid

EcoGrid's eco-friendly ground reinforcement solutions are unrivalled on the market, in fact they're undoubtedly the World's No. 1 Permeable Paving.  Porous and long-lasting, our grid has a multitude of uses; enhancing car parks, driveways, pathways, access routes, construction sites, camp sites, equestrian spaces, and lots more all over the globe. "Permeable perks" aside, here are [...]

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Spring has sprung! It’s time to rid your lawn of ugly Manhole Covers with a New EcoGrid GrassTop

Spring has sprung, so let's do something about that ugly cover sitting on your lawn! EcoGrid Ltd's unique "GrassTop" manhole covers (in stock now) can be filled instantly or seeded for growth, with rainwater able to drain naturally into the ground and plantation free to prosper. This never-seen-before solution replaces obtrusive covers in areas where appearance [...]

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“Mighty Membranes” from EcoGrid Ltd

EcoGrid is on a "roll" in 2017! Pun intended – because did you know as well as being specialists in porous paving we are also one of the UK's largest suppliers of Geotextile Membranes? We're checking in today to show you a small snapshot of our extensive range, which includes permeable (woven and non-woven) fabrics, [...]

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The Smart Choice: Why Landscaping Professionals Choose EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Landscaping professionals, like the many Approved Installers we've partnered with, all know that porous paving is the smart choice when it comes to that next project requiring high (long-lasting) quality. No matter the size of said project, these modern surfaces provide a robust, low maintenance solution that are not only great to look at from the outside [...]

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A Freshly Installed EcoGrid Resin Bound Stone Driveway – We “Approve!”

Creative Stone Driveways Ltd recently joined our Approved Installer network and just completed a new resin bound stone driveaway install using EcoGrid. Let's get a peek at it in today's blog! Did you know you can search for EcoGrid Approved Installers in your area? Take a look. Your firm could appear there too – we are currently looking reputable [...]

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Flash Floods: Urgent Action Is Required, Act Now with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

In the UK we've been feeling the harsh impact of climate change and a fundamental shift in our weather with recent flash flooding. Sadly this is said to only increase in intensity and frequency in the future. Defra, a government environmental department, has revealed plans to invest £2.5bn on building flood defence schemes across the [...]

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WANTED: Resellers of EcoGrid’s New & Improved Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover Range

Heads up, we're currently looking for fitters, resellers and stockists of EcoGrid Ltd's premier products – including our brand new (and improved) Triple & Double Sealed aluminium manhole covers!Whether you're buying or selling, let's take a closer look... Introducing our shiny new aluminium recessed covers, exclusive to EcoGrid Ltd in the UK for 2017! Two covers are [...]

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EcoGrid Colours & Accessories You Never Knew Existed!

Did you know about the different colours in our world renowned range of Permeable Paving? EcoGrid is available in four different colours - black, terracotta, light grey and green - all of which are available in four different depths, stocked in the UK and ready to be delivered to you. At any one time our [...]

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Eco-Sedum Roof Trays in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs? No problem!

Did you know EcoGrid's Eco-Sedum roof trays can be used in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs? That's no problem for our innovative Green Roof Trays – a unique sedum blend and light-weight substrate providing the ideal state-of-the-art green roof solution. The modular trays ensure no impact with the edges or seals of most roof lights and [...]

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Park Your Caravans & Motorhomes on EcoGrid to Eliminate Mud…. For Good!

Is your campsite suffering muddy conditions yet again?Park your caravans and motorhomes on EcoGrid permeable paving to virtually eliminate mud all year round! A problem is affecting camp sites across the country – soil compaction, mud and erosion as a result of heavy use from caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles – a problem these areas face year [...]

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Caravan and camping parks: Don’t get stuck in the mud

Caravan and camping parks: Don’t get stuck in the mud.At a recent trade show, the clear majority of visitors were from #caravan and #camping sites across the UK and Ireland. The main source of concern was that access roads and pitches were being constantly churned up by the actions of vehicles at all points on [...]

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New Install: Ecoraster (EcoGrid!) Permeable Paving for Heavy Duty Temporary Access Roads

Fans of Ecoraster on Facebook – our North American counterparts offering the same permeable paving under a different name – have been given a look at an impressive new installation. In case you missed it, we've got you covered! This new EcoGrid install takes advantage of our paving's ability to be used as a temporary access solution, providing the [...]

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EcoGrid X30: It Means No More Cement Flag Stones – Sturdy, Sustainable & Totally Permeable!

The landscaping industry is always on the lookout for innovative new techniques that offer superior results, achieved of course within a client's budget. After all, key attributes to business growth in the industry are: superior products, quality installation and affordability. EcoGrid X30, one of many models in our range, ensures a level, stable, yet drainable sub-surface beneath a variety [...]

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Throwback Thursday: EcoGrid Permeable Paving for Disabled Access in School Gardens

It's Throwback Thursday here in the EcoGrid Blog! In today's blog we "Throwback" to an EcoGrid permeable paving install from 2006 (and still going strong today of course); a project undertaken by a school in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Saxon Hill, an academy for children young persons with physical disabilities, required better disabled access facilities in their new wildlife [...]

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