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Throwback Thursday: EcoGrid Permeable Paving, As Seen On TV!

Today in the EcoGrid Blog we're throwing it back to 2017 (where did that year go?) and a proud moment when EcoGrid was featured on the box! ūüďļ Yes, if you were watching the BBC Children in Need-themed episode of DIY SOS in November you may have spotted our paving system. Our pals at WysePower [...]

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100 Square Metres of EcoGrid E50 Can Save The Planet!

Did you know 100 square metres of our flagship EcoGrid E50 paving can save as much as 60,000 carrier bags that would otherwise be sent to landfill?!That's because EcoGrid (The World's No. 1 Permeable Paving, also known as Ecoraster) is made from 100% recycled LDPE (low density polyethylene); in other words plastic bags and bottles. Essentially they go [...]

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New EcoGrid Resin Installations by Essex Permeable Surfaces Ltd

If you work or reside in the area and are looking for a quality EcoGrid installation, the only way is Essex.... Permeable Surfaces! Essex Permeable Surfaces Ltd are an EcoGrid Approved Installer, providing eco-friendly and durable hard standing surfacing for both residential and commercial use, particularly specialising in resin-bound surfaces. Just look at these smooth results seen in [...]

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EcoGrid MOD Ground Support Services – A Military Installation in Albania

The EcoGrid permeable paving range is used all over the globe on a hugely diverse array of applications - military installations included. In fact, the Ministry of Defence has put EcoGrid to the test on a number of occasions with uses ranging from simple pathways over loose sand and stone to heavy duty helipads and tank [...]

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EcoGrid Spotted at 2017 Hampton Court Flower Show

This time last year EcoGrid was spotted at the Chelsea Flower Show after an award-winning designer selected it to form part of their garden display. Fast forward to summer 2017 and our world famous permeable paving has been sighted in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace - the world's biggest flower show that's running this week. WORX, [...]

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1 Home + 2 EcoGrid Products = Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded!

John Everett, a delighted domestic client of ours, just shared photos of his "home improvement" project which made use of 2 of our leading products. Let's take a look in today's blog.EcoGrid E50 transformed John's driveway, while the Flexible Edge system perfected his front garden.  Easy-to-fit, eco-friendly and guaranteed for 20 years, EcoGrid is probably being installed in [...]

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2 New Driveways Perfected with EcoGrid Porous Paving

Every day the World's No. 1 Permeable Paving transforms a driveway near you! As you'll see in today's blog, an EcoGrid-resin bound stone combination provides a highly aesthetic parking surface whether installed in a home or business; a surface that's robust, stable, load-bearing and porous. For starters let's take a look at before and after photos of an [...]

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EcoGrid versus another alternative

When EcoGrid porous paving is placed against other alternatives that would appear to do the same job on the market, one of which we've pictured below let us call this type DP (Dense product). The fact is that, on the surface (pardon the pun) they would seem to do the same job. (shock, gasp...) Like EcoGrid, these [...]

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EcoGrid Black vs. Light Grey – Which Would You Opt For?

Did you know EcoGrid is available in four different colours ‚Ästblack, terracotta, light grey and green? At any one time our warehouse holds up to 5,000m of permeable paving and our factory more than 50,000m! Depending on your colour choice and project needs, you could have your grid the very next day! The go-to¬†colour for [...]

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EcoGrid goes Equestrian and changes the game!

EcoGrid's word-leading ground reinforcement solutions are unrivalled on the market. Permeable, long-lasting, aesthetic, and super-quick to install thanks to a unique inter-locking system (as much as 100m² per hour, per person). The grid has a multitude of uses; enhancing car parks, driveways, pathways, access routes, construction sites, camp sites, and lots more all over the [...]

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10 Quick (But Crucial!) Reasons to Choose EcoGrid

EcoGrid's eco-friendly ground reinforcement solutions are unrivalled on the market, in fact they're undoubtedly the World's No. 1 Permeable Paving.  Porous and long-lasting, our grid has a multitude of uses; enhancing car parks, driveways, pathways, access routes, construction sites, camp sites, equestrian spaces, and lots more all over the globe. "Permeable perks" aside, here are [...]

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Spring has sprung! It’s time to rid your lawn of ugly Manhole Covers with a New EcoGrid GrassTop

Spring has sprung, so let's do something about that ugly cover sitting on your lawn! EcoGrid Ltd's unique "GrassTop" manhole covers (in stock now) can be filled instantly or seeded for growth, with rainwater able to drain naturally into the ground and plantation free to prosper. This never-seen-before solution replaces obtrusive covers in areas where appearance [...]

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“Mighty Membranes” from EcoGrid Ltd

EcoGrid is on a "roll" in 2017! Pun intended ‚Äď because did you know as well as being specialists in porous paving we are also one of the UK's largest suppliers of Geotextile Membranes? We're checking in today to show you a small snapshot of our extensive range, which includes permeable (woven and non-woven) fabrics, [...]

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The Smart Choice: Why Landscaping Professionals Choose EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Landscaping professionals, like the many Approved Installers we've partnered with, all know that porous paving is the smart choice when it comes to that next project requiring high (long-lasting) quality. No matter the size of said project, these modern surfaces provide a robust, low maintenance solution that are not only great to look at from the outside [...]

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A Freshly Installed EcoGrid Resin Bound Stone Driveway ‚Äď We “Approve!”

Creative Stone Driveways Ltd¬†recently joined our Approved Installer network and just completed a new resin bound stone driveaway install using EcoGrid. Let's get¬†a peek at it in today's blog! Did you know you can search for EcoGrid Approved Installers in your area?¬†Take a look. Your firm could appear there too ‚Ästwe are currently looking reputable [...]

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