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“The Flexibility of EcoGrid was Invaluable” – New 600m² Project Complete

A special guest blog post submitted by Erinstone Ltd, Swansea: We were lucky enough to win a major order in the summer for applying Resin Bound Stone on a total area of nearly 600 square metres. It was for a house project that was nearing completion after many long months. A large initial entrance driveway, [...]

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A Step by Step Driveway Transformation with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Chances are there's an EcoGrid driveway installed near you! Every day a driveway is transformed with the help of our permeable paving system. The grid of choice? More often than not the 100% recycled EcoGrid E40 ground reinforcement grids; a great eco-friendly replacement for older driveways in need of repair. Fully porous, load bearing, kind [...]

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Erinstone and EcoGrid. A match made in heaven.

With tarmac, apart from the mess and potential safety issues of dealing with such a hot product, you are always in a race against time before the bitumen hardens in order to get everything straight and level. This can cause considerable pressures, particularly over a large area. The beauty of EcoGrid is that there [...]

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Stop the ‘Flood’ of Waste Plastic

Photo credit (above): WaterCanada.net A new study by Newcastle University calls for a rethink on drainage as flood risks increase in Britain's major towns and cities. "[Our] research highlights the urgent need to design and adapt our cities to cope with these future conditions. We are already seeing at first hand the implications of [...]

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EcoGrid Makes The ‘Groundwork’ For You

One paver. Endless uses. EcoGrid is the world's leading ground reinforcing grid. Ideal for creating reinforced driveable surfaces that easily withstand loads of up to 800 tonnes - meaning there's very little that this paving cannot withstand! Everything from lightweight landscaping to heavyweight aviation surfacing. Mud, slush and snow will no longer be an [...]

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Size Matters: New Options Launched in our Exclusive Range of Aluminium Recessed Manhole Covers

We recently launched a new and exclusive, highly aesthetic range of aluminium recessed manhole/inspection covers, great for interior or exterior usage and load bearing up to lorry levels. Adding to our existing offering, we now stock smaller sizes (150x150mm, 200x200mm clear openings) of our Triple Sealed covers. Got a small rodding point? In need of [...]

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Throwback Thursday: EcoGrid Permeable Paving, As Seen On TV!

Today in the EcoGrid Blog we're throwing it back to 2017 (where did that year go?) and a proud moment when EcoGrid was featured on the box! 📺 Yes, if you were watching the BBC Children in Need-themed episode of DIY SOS in November you may have spotted our paving system. Our pals at WysePower [...]

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100 Square Metres of EcoGrid E50 Can Save The Planet!

Did you know 100 square metres of our flagship EcoGrid E50 paving can save as much as 60,000 carrier bags that would otherwise be sent to landfill?!That's because EcoGrid (The World's No. 1 Permeable Paving, also known as Ecoraster) is made from 100% recycled LDPE (low density polyethylene); in other words plastic bags and bottles. Essentially they go [...]

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New EcoGrid Resin Installations by Essex Permeable Surfaces Ltd

If you work or reside in the area and are looking for a quality EcoGrid installation, the only way is Essex.... Permeable Surfaces! Essex Permeable Surfaces Ltd are an EcoGrid Approved Installer, providing eco-friendly and durable hard standing surfacing for both residential and commercial use, particularly specialising in resin-bound surfaces. Just look at these smooth results seen in [...]

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EcoGrid MOD Ground Support Services – A Military Installation in Albania

The EcoGrid permeable paving range is used all over the globe on a hugely diverse array of applications - military installations included. In fact, the Ministry of Defence has put EcoGrid to the test on a number of occasions with uses ranging from simple pathways over loose sand and stone to heavy duty helipads and tank [...]

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EcoGrid Spotted at 2017 Hampton Court Flower Show

This time last year EcoGrid was spotted at the Chelsea Flower Show after an award-winning designer selected it to form part of their garden display. Fast forward to summer 2017 and our world famous permeable paving has been sighted in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace - the world's biggest flower show that's running this week. WORX, [...]

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1 Home + 2 EcoGrid Products = Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded!

John Everett, a delighted domestic client of ours, just shared photos of his "home improvement" project which made use of 2 of our leading products. Let's take a look in today's blog.EcoGrid E50 transformed John's driveway, while the Flexible Edge system perfected his front garden.  Easy-to-fit, eco-friendly and guaranteed for 20 years, EcoGrid is probably being installed in [...]

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2 New Driveways Perfected with EcoGrid Porous Paving

Every day the World's No. 1 Permeable Paving transforms a driveway near you! As you'll see in today's blog, an EcoGrid-resin bound stone combination provides a highly aesthetic parking surface whether installed in a home or business; a surface that's robust, stable, load-bearing and porous. For starters let's take a look at before and after photos of an [...]

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EcoGrid versus another alternative

When EcoGrid porous paving is placed against other alternatives that would appear to do the same job on the market, one of which we've pictured below let us call this type DP (Dense product). The fact is that, on the surface (pardon the pun) they would seem to do the same job. (shock, gasp...) Like EcoGrid, these [...]

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EcoGrid Black vs. Light Grey – Which Would You Opt For?

Did you know EcoGrid is available in four different colours – black, terracotta, light grey and green? At any one time our warehouse holds up to 5,000m of permeable paving and our factory more than 50,000m! Depending on your colour choice and project needs, you could have your grid the very next day! The go-to colour for [...]

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