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Prime Paving & CI Stone

EcoGrid is very efficient with its quick installation and cost effectiveness, for example this project was completed within a 3 day turn over from start to finish with only a 3 man team – resulting to an outstanding finish! For a wide range of installation guides do check out the following link: www.ecogrid.co.uk/downloads/installation-instructions 📷: Prime [...]

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Prime Paving & CI Stone

Here we have a showroom forecourt in Guernsey being fitted with EcoGrid’s permeable paving, specifically the E40 grid which is designed to reinforce a robust and stable surface whilst maintaining its vehicle load bearing rating and outstanding compressive strength. Learn more about our E40 range at www.ecogrid.co.uk/products/ecogrid-e40 📷: Prime Paving & CI Stone

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Heavy Load Skip Being Lifted On EcoGrid E40 Paving

Here we can see the weight loading capabilities of EcoGrid's E40 porous paving, the wood chocks where insisted upon however the grid would have withstood the loading. E40’s features & specifications can be found over at here.

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Purus Plastics GmbH

A fully permeable surface that efficiently disperses fallen rainwater back to the water table below, that’s also lorry load bearing! – EcoGrid’s E50 paving combined with the Bloxx system is the perfect match. Not only made from recycled materials but comes with a 20 years guarantee, check out the image! 📷: @purusplastics @Martin Kothmann

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Arbour Landscape Solutions

Southampton’s John Lewis has recently undergone a wonderful refurbishment to their roof deck, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for all their customers! Installation of EcoGrid’s E50 paving took place by a Arbour Landscape Solutions – Great work and outstanding result! 📷: Arbour Landscape Solutions

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Purus Plastics GmbH

EcoGrid has a brilliant solution when it comes to green roofing applications, not only was this installation aesthetically pleasing with the accompanying Bloxx with concrete infill boarder but the EcoSedum trays have achieved greening success within just one day! For more information of our turnkey sedum solutions please do get intouch – sales@ecogrid.co.uk 📷: @purusplastics

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Purus Plastics GmbH

The EcoGrid Bloxx system is a perfect match for our E50 paving grids, their 50mm depth allows for a seamless integration throughout with their built-in locking mechanism. A demonstration of this can be shown within this recent parking solution carried out in Iceland. 📷: @purusplastics @magnus

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Equestrian Surfaces LTD

We offer several temporary flooring products for all aspects of construction and general surfacing, as a perfect example here is our EcoGrid E40 being utilised for an outdoor horse arena on their turfed area whilst renovation work is being carried out to the main farm building. The result is outstanding with the economy track top [...]

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Ecoraster Íslandi

Álftanes in has recently undergone an EcoGrid installation to their restaurants and property car parks. Our porous paving shall provide a durable and free draining surface for the peninsula! – also proven to be a quick laying solution, for a fast installation in time for the winter ahead. 📷: @ecorasteris

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