EcoGrid is a family owned and run company dedicated to the supply and fit of sustainable products to the building, civils and landscaping sector of the United Kingdom.

Our first and second generation family have been involved in the hard-landscaping sector for over 35 years and can offer sensible advice from the perspective of practicality. We are also part of a worldwide network of main wholesalers of the EcoGrid brand (known as Ecoraster in the rest of the world). This means that we can also add projects completed in other countries to a portfolio of works, increasing our client’s installation examples.


EcoGrid work with and for our customers by supplying a range of environmentally sustainable products including EcoGrid the World’s leading paving grid. We pride ourselves in providing technical support and advice that can assist and reassure our customers to provide long term solutions for their ground reinforcement and protection requirements.

About EcoGrid Limited

EcoGrid Limited are the sole suppliers of the World leading ECORASTER range of products to the United Kingdom and Irish market which we market as EcoGrid. EcoGrid is the superior paving grid being the first product of its kind in the market and has been sold around the World for over 25 years.  It is made from specially selected recycled plastics, recycled under strict controls at the production centre in the Bavarian countryside.  We can assist with ground stablisation and reinforcement, mud control, parking, access routes and pathways, construction sites, disabled access, landscaping and tree root protection.


Our company is based in the North West in Wallasey near to the banks of the River Mersey and with healthy stocks of product we are able to service the whole of the UK and Ireland. Deliveries can even be made on a next day service for urgent projects.

EcoGrid is supplied to a wide range of construction and landscaping companies, merchants and the general public amongst others.  We provide a quality of products and services second to none on pre, during and post sales. Our experienced and knowledgeable team have a hard working ethic and will help however we can.


  • Our Technical experts are on hand to offer guidance and advice to ensure a swift and hassle-free installation. EcoGrid products are fully tested, approved and guaranteed to be the best available in the market since 1994.


  • EcoGrid has a variety of types that cover loads ranging from pedestrian, Equine and cars through to heavy weight HGV applications.


  • EcoGrid feature a patented locking system so once down are firm and secure helping to spread the load to avoid lift or become unstable.


  • They are made from recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE) which is very robust and is not brittle like some budget brands. It contains carbon for UV stability. This is why we are confident to offer a “no quibble” 20 year guarantee for our grids.


  • EcoGrid is offered in black, terracotta and green (particularly suitable for grass infill projects). As permeable products they can be incorporated into SUDS compliant schemes and have a great environmental profile.  


  • The standard grids are 33 x 33 cm’s but are supplied in layers of 12 tiles (1 x 1.33m). This means that they are quick and efficient to install but also cost effective by avoiding waste where a full layer is not needed meaning minimal cuts.  For large commercial carparks and as a base for resin we have developed a large tile known as E40XXL which is 1 x 1.33m in size. A recent development is the Bloxx system with plastic tiles carrying inserts such as concrete or granite.


  • EcoGrid is fully and independently tested for its load bearing capacities and specifications and certification are freely available. With the weight and wall thickness of our products you can be assured of a great solution for your project needs.


In short, EcoGrid/Ecoraster is the original product in this field with a fantastic reputation for quality.  With over 15 million grids sold worldwide every year it is a tried and trusted solution. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail as EcoGrid can offer a complete package.



TUV certified: This is the European testing organisation similar to the BS standards, they rigorously and independently annually test products for advertised standards and ensure that they comply.

RAL approved: Due to the flooding of European markets with untested inferior grid products, quality manufacturers joined an organisation that independently tests the warranty of products, mainly they ensure:

  1. Grids must have a run off factor of less than 0.4 (EcoGrid has a run rate of 0.2)
  2. A warranty greater than legal requirements, minimum 6 years (EcoGrid carries a 20 year warranty)
  3. Resistance against acids, salt, leaching, fertilisers and grease (EcoGrid is fully resistant)
  4. Expansion at 90 degrees and contraction at minus 16 degrees.(EcoGrid has a maximum expansion/contraction rate of 3%)
  5. Ability to withstand crushing according to standards (EcoGrid complies fully pressure test DIN 124, Ball test DIN EN2031-1, impact strength DIN 12064 cat 1-5)
  6. Comprehensive installation manuals, easy to handle and install) (EcoGrid has a full range of manuals for installation)
  7. Doubtless traceability must be ensured (EcoGrid is from in-house recycled materials, indisputable traceability)
  8. Fully UV tested according to DIN 75220, ISO 4892-2 (EcoGrid is tested annually)
  9. Frost proof and able to withstand snow ploughs and machinery (EcoGrid is fully approved and tested)
  10. Has to be made from min 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable (EcoGrid is 100% from recycled plastics and fully recyclable)

They also approve the manufacturing company for ability to supply in quantity, the financial stability of both the manufacturer and supplying agent, stock levels and longevity of supply.

NATO certified: The process involved in being a supplier to either NATO or the MOD is massive. The quality of both product and supply company is put under a microscope! Only the best will do for the army.

CE approved: Another authority approving quality control throughout Europe.