About EcoGrid

EcoGrid E50 And Bloxx Ground Reinforcement System For A Large Car Park Next To Purus Building

Welcome to EcoGrid, we are a family-run and owned business supplying environmentally friendly construction products with a focus on our flagship EcoGrid permeable paving range.
We began in landscaping and landscape construction ourselves and moved from installation to product supply when regulations change, and any permeable paving became more of a necessity. We began supplying permeable paving and still have a complementary range of Rainwater collection systems, from this we forged a relationship with Purus Plastics in Arzberg Germany. Purus manufacture the world’s leading permeable paving system, Ecoraster.

Permeable Paving Grid

Over 1.5 million metres squared are sold annually and the quality, recycling process and spec are unrivalled. EcoGrid Ltd is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Ecoraster and associated products.
All of our product is made from 100% recycled plastic, which comes from household waste recycled in-house so we can control quality perfectly.
This gives us the ability to guarantee our grid products for 20 years and we are the only current outlet that can demonstrate this guarantee validity with 20+ year old projects.
We advise our customers to get samples before making decisions as the quality difference of EcoGrid is evident immediately when compared directly with a cheaper alternative.

Place EcoGrid Edge On Top Of Each Other And Apply Pressure To Joint And Lock Them Together

Locking together

One of the key differences and selling points of EcoGrid (Ecoraster) is its ability to lock together. Once clicked together on site the grids stay together, this is key for a long-lasting install. Ground moves over time and when you have a grid that is locked together it will move slightly with the ground and stay together, with the poorer quality options the grids will not stay together and cause tripping hazards.

Our grids arrive on a pallet in layers of 1.33x1m with the tile locket together for a quick and easy installation. We say on average you can lay over 100m2 per person per hour.

Suitably Flexible EcoGrid That Can Hold Heavy Duty Vehicles


Polyethylene is widely accepted as the best material to manufacture this type of product from, it is highly durable and resistant to all extremes of temperatures and chemicals found in general use. LDPE is the best version of this (low-density polyethylene). This material is suitably flexible for use with vehicular traffic, in short, it bends with use and expands and contracts appropriately with temperature variations. EcoGrid (Ecoraster) is made from recycled LDPE.

EcoGrid E50 And Bloxx Ground Reinforcement Under Solar Panels UV Resistant

UV Stability

UV is sunlight, however, the agent (carbon black) to provide UV stability is an added material. This costs, if one is looking to sell a product cheaply then there is a temptation not to put it in, ensuring that the product will break down and deteriorate in time.
EcoGrid/Ecoraster is fully UV stable.

Parking Area With A Layer Of Geotextile Membrane And A Layer Of EcoGrid E50 And Bloxx


We supply suitable membranes for EcoGrid installs. Mainly these are a woven base layer for stability and a fleece layer for separation of the base layer from the grids and infill. These layers are key to maintaining a stable weed-free surface.

Case Studies

We are proud to boast an impressive collection of case studies for all kinds of applications, as well as featuring lots of projects and applications on our social media pages. Feel free to check them out below.



So now, let’s take accreditations!

TUV Certified For EcoGrid

NATO Approved For EcoGrid

CE Approved For EcoGrid

TUV Certified

NATO Certified

CE Approved


RAL Approved

They mainly ensure:
1. Grids must have a run-off factor of less than 0.4 (EcoGrid has a run rate of 0.2)

2. A warranty greater than legal requirements, minimum 6 years (EcoGrid carries a 20-year warranty)

3. Resistance against acids, salt, leaching, fertilisers and grease (EcoGrid is fully resistant)

4. Expansion at 90 degrees and contraction at minus 16 degrees. (EcoGrid has a maximum expansion/contraction rate of 3%)

5. Ability to withstand crushing according to standards (EcoGrid complies fully pressure test DIN 124, Ball test DIN EN2031-1,
impact strength DIN 12064 cat 1-5)


EcoGrid is guaranteed for 20 years, having said this, the product has been in use for over 25 years and anyone can visit the first installation which looks as good today as when it was laid.
In short, EcoGrid/Ecoraster is the original product in this field which has been badly copied by all over the years. We sell over 15 million grids worldwide every year and that figure steadily grows year on year. We provide the surfacing for anything from a domestic driveway to an articulated lorry park, from a countryside pathway to a double decker bus station.

6. Comprehensive installation manuals, easy to handle and install) (EcoGrid has a full range of manuals for installation)

7. Doubtless traceability must be ensured (EcoGrid is from in-house recycled materials, indisputable traceability)

8. Fully UV tested according to DIN 75220, ISO 4892-2 (EcoGrid is tested annually)

9. Frostproof and able to withstand snow ploughs and machinery (EcoGrid is fully approved and tested)

10. Has to be made from min 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable (EcoGrid is 100% from recycled plastics and fully recyclable)

They also approve the manufacturing company for ability to supply in quantity, the financial stability of both the manufacturer and supplying agent, stock levels and longevity of supply.