Using EcoGrid gives you the benefit of high-standard ground stabilisation. Nothing better than showing you visually. Check out our videos about the ability of EcoGrid, product description, different project experiences of using EcoGrid and more.

History / About

The EcoGrid permeable paving has been sold all over the world for over 25 years. Its unique grid design and manufactured from recycled plastic makes it long-lasting with high-quality of ground reinforcement.

EcoGrid Strength

EcoGrid provides a few grid options for different usage. Depending on the product, the carrying load starts from 250 tonnes and goes up to an impressive 1000 tonnes when filled with gravel.

EcoGrid In Action

See how EcoGrid was installed; the performance with heavy-duty vehicles operating on top; and illustration of EcoGrid curve pieces.

Equestrian Installs

EcoGrid permeable paving is suitable for a variety of installations, one of the popular use is for equestrians. Unlike pathways or car park applications, EcoGrid also has to consider the comfort of horses.

Bloxx & More

EcoGrid Bloxx system has the same ability and more, compared to other EcoGrid permeable paving products. You can combine Bloxx and E50 to customise your surface. Check out more videos of EcoGrid being used in other projects.