A sustainable grass car park is perfect for a wildlife park. To install a car park that matches the scenery and is suitable for parking, EcoVigour Ltd used EcoGrid paving for a high-quality result. In this project, they used EcoGrid E40, which is the most versatile grid in the range. Withstanding a load of 500 tonnes per square metre when it has been filled.

The grids will most likely be delivered with 12 tiles pre-lock together to speed up the installation progress. If you would like to disconnect the grid, simply place a timber, or screed rail under the male side of the grid and press firmly down on the female side.

If you need a higher bear loading for heavy vehicles, check out EcoGrid E50.

The grid will be filled with soil and seeded. Generally, you will see growth within 4 to 5 days. In 2 to 4 weeks’ time, this eco-friendly car park will turn into a beautiful ground that can hold 800 tonnes per square metre. Or you can use turf for instant results.

We provide pre-grown turf for customers who do not wish to wait for the grass to grow. The turf will be transported with the grids and applied on the ground straight away. Since the turf is still real grass, a certain level of maintenance is needed to have healthy and long-lasting grass grounds.

EcoGrid Paving Closeup