Forest parks can quickly get messy if you don’t keep on top of your maintenance, often, that is a draining task. But not with EcoGrid. It makes the ground easy to maintain down the line.

All images credit: Tony Huntbach
Prepare The Ground For EcoGrid Paving

Dig a slightly recessed pathway and level the ground, so that EcoGrid paving can be installed as a parallel surface.

EcoGrid Reinforced Pathway In A Forest Park

Apply EcoGrid on the ground, the interlocking will keep the grid stable.

EcoGrid Reinforced Pathway In A Forest Park

Fill the grid with soil and hard-wearing grass seed.

Have you spotted the grid?

Tips For Grass-Filled EcoGrid Paving Ground

The following tips can help you with decision-making and a smooth installation.

Fill the grid after installation
Only start filling the grid once the whole installation is complete, if not, it can cause spreading and make the installation process more difficult.

Explore your seed options
Apply some wildflower seeds such as Clove and Camomile can enhance the environment.

Ground capacities
Although grass-filled EcoGrid is an excellent ground reinforcement system, we do not recommend having heavy goods vehicles perform tight turns on it. Perhaps, you can consider a gravel-filled EcoGrid instead?