ECORASTER has shared one of their stunning Bloxx system projects for a Mcdonald’s in the Czech Republic. The parking area was reinforced with EcoGrid Bloxx and used the concrete infills to create a nice diagonal pattern.

Mark Parking Spaces With EcoGrid Bloxx Inserts

EcoGrid provides 4 colours of Bloxx concrete inserts: white, grey, anthracite grey and red. You can organise the parking spaces by either choosing two different colours of concretes, using one as the main colour of the car park and using the other colour to map out the spacing; or follow this Mcdonald’s project where they used one concrete colour and sprayed the line on top using an asphalt paint.

Mcdonalds EcoGrid Bloxx Parking Area2
All images credit: ECORASTER CZ/SK

You can also joint the bloxx system with EcoGrid E50 for more pattern options.