A project from Equestrian Surfaces Ltd for Avondale Vet Group, with the help of the Ridesafe Arenas & Construction Ltd team to protect the horses from wet conditions.

Equestrian Surfaces Ltd

Firstly, the existing surface was removed and collected from the paddock to be reused later on. Then a new separate layer of the membrane was laid to avoid contamination from any stones below.

Next is to install the EcoGrid layer. Lay the grid from one corner only and work your way out at a 90-degree angle of the area to ensure the sections were joined correctly. EcoGrid paving was used to support and distribute the pressure evenly, so the ground can stay sturdy and flat for a long time. It also keeps horses away from damaging the membrane layer.

Lastly, the ground was reapplied with the existing surface that was collected at the start of the project and mix them with economy fibre to help with the structure.

Image credits: Equestrian Surfaces Ltd



As the project comes to an end, Equestrian Surfaces Ltd closed it with the comment:

“A small project which will make a huge difference to the client.”

We totally agree.

A good ground reinforcement can improve performance and prolong its lifespan. With the correct installation and product, EcoGrid permeable paving grid can last for a long time, so much so it comes with a 20-year guarantee.

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