Have you ever experienced the nightmare of going over potholes on a residential lane? If so, you might enjoy this transformation.

TriAgg took the job of renovating this long residential driveway lane into a smooth surface. They used EcoGrid E40 as the sub-base to cover the whole lane and filled the grids with 10mm limestone aggregates.

By installing EcoGrid E40, the surface will be nice and flat to walk and drive on. And it will stay flat for a long time with low maintenance since the grids are supporting the ground to stop soil compactions, a common reason for grounds to become uneven over time.

Images credit: TriAgg

Not only does reinforcing the ground give it a smooth surface, but it can also act as a free-drainage area to prevent flooding by avoiding any surface water build-ups.

As for the fillings, aggregate infill is a popular choice and rightly so because it is easy to operate, and there are different colours of aggregates you can choose to give the ground a good finish. The limestone aggregates used in this project have brightened up the road and matched the surroundings simultaneously.

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