Summer and good weather are approaching us, we need to be prepared for it. For us, the essentials are suncream, a paddling pool and a nice patio to have barbeques on! Renovate your garden for endless fun activities to come. There are quite a few options for different types of patios, and today, let’s take a look at a resin bound stone patio with an EcoGrid base.

Project Review

Resin Driveway Company Ltd has installed a small patio for their domestic user. A fully permeable ground using EcoGrid and resin bound stone.

Gravel-Filled EcoGrid Ground

EcoGrid is a recycled plastic-made grid with a free drainage system. Perfect as a strong sub-base to reinforce the ground, so it will stay flat and dry at all times.

Level Resin Bound Stone On EcoGrid

The next step is to lay the resin bound stone on EcoGrid. We recommend laying around 15mm-25mm thick of resin bound stone.

Resin Bound Stone Ground Finish

The colour used is called “Carnival”. Along with the lovely surface is the fully permeable feature, hence the whole patio still has free drainage.

Easy Installation For Small Area

EcoGrid and resin bound stones are one of the best combinations of eco-friendly ground reinforcement for domestic. This is due to the flexibility of both products where they are capable to fit in different areas efficiently and hassle-free.

Domestic users tend to benefit more since they would come across a more confined area, which is not very friendly for renovation. Thanks to the flexible element of EcoGrid permeable paving grid and resin bound stone, you can even use them to make other areas match your ground. For example:

  • Stair surfaces
  • Recessed manhole covers
  • Tiny corners

Don’t like this colour?
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