There are different styles of helipads on the market, you can create them by using different materials. These are some results from our customers.


Project Review

For this project, our customer Rigby Civils Limited has chosen to install a circular grass helipad, it does look quite natural and fresh for them.

They have reinforced the ground with Green EcoGrid E50, filled them with soil and lay fresh lawn turf on top to finish. Applying fresh turf with EcoGrid is a good way to get the instant look you are going for.

Learn more about How to apply curves using EcoGrid.


Lawn Turf Maintenance

In order to keep the turf healthy and in good condition, future maintenance is crucial.

Follow these few points to make sure your new lawn is off to a good start and lasts for many years:

  1. Prepare a smooth ground
    Before you bring out rolls of turf, ensure you prep the ground.
  2. Prepare a healthy ground rich in nutrients
    Once you finish evening out the ground, apply some pre-turf fertiliser on the planned turf area.
  3. Walk on newly laid turf is a no-no
    Try your best to not walk on the newly laid turf for around 2 weeks, so they have enough time to be well-rooted and stay where it was laid.
  4. Don’t let the turf dry out
    Give the grass plenty of water, especially at the beginning. This is because freshly laid turf has not yet attached to the root, therefore, they are unable to draw water from underneath.