GrassTop covers are designed specifically for lawn area, in order to merge the manhole cover with the landscape.

Project Review

In this scenario, our customer originally had a solid top manhole cover in their front garden. The manhole cover was very visible, even from a distance.

We recommended the GrassTop Square-To-Round recessed manhole cover, which comes in a round frame to fit the round manhole.

After the GrassTop manhole cover was installed, with a double layer of specialist membranes, filled with some soil and grass seed. The customer can water the grass as normal, water will drain away from the pre-drill holes.

It takes around 2 weeks for the grass to grow in order to hide the manhole cover.



We love to receive feedback from our customers to ensure they are fully satisfy with their product and experience with us.

In this project, our customer Richard gave us an amazing feedback.

“Everything has now settled down really well and the cover is completely hidden. I’m really pleased with the result.”


Recessed Manhole Covers

Our exclusive recessed manhole cover range hides away the ugly manholes on different surfaces.


GrassTop Manhole Covers

GrassTop covers with pre-drilled drainage holes and a double layer of specialist membranes, allowing grass to grow healthy and gradually cover the entire manhole cover. Perfect for gardens and landscapes.


Gravel Manhole Covers

EcoGrid Gravel covers have a built-in EcoGrid paving system to hold the gravel infills in place for stability, permeability, and high load bearing capability. This is the idea solution for driveways and pavements.


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