A well-built car park can benefit the future, reducing the chance of the ground being ruined by all the vehicles. The following project was executed by Ashley Groundworks Limited, keep reading to find out how to build a car park from scratch. Also, we will go through which EcoGrid products were used for this car park.

Project Review

Located in a golf venue in Newbury.  three featured products in this project:

  • Non-Woven NW8 Geotextile Fleece
  • EcoGrid E40
  • Bay Markers

Firstly, the non-woven geotextile fleece acts as the separation layer. By isolating different build-up layers that shouldn’t be mixed together, it keeps the percolation channels free for water to pass through and reinforces the overall drainage performance. It comes in 5 different sizes with the same weight of 100gsm.

Secondly, the EcoGrid E40 was used as the base of this project. EcoGrid range of grids has different load-bearing capacities, and E40 is considered ‘The Universal Grid’. For the reason that E40 fits the majority of our customers’ demands.

Thirdly, Ashley Groundworks ordered some bay markers for the delineation for parking bays. EcoGrid range of accessories is second to none, adding to the scope for design and practicality.

At the end of the day, a geotextile is an extra option. We always recommend products depend on the project requirements.


EcoGrid Permeable Paving

EcoGrid E30 and E50

As mentioned above, E40 is an all-rounder, you can use it in plenty of circumstances. But what if we don’t need all that loading weight or when E40 is not enough to support the heavy vehicles? Here are two more similar EcoGrid products to deal with the situation.

EcoGrid E30

EcoGrid E30 is classed as our pedestrian loading grid. Although E30 has the lowest load weight out of all EcoGrid porous paving grids, it still has an outstanding standing load of 250 tonnes/sqm when filled.

Besides pedestrians, E30 can also be used for ground stabilisation, cycle lanes, garden pathways etc.

Purchase EcoGrid E30 from 1 tile to 1 pallet (approx. 94 sqm)

EcoGrid E50

The ultimate paving grid with the strongest load of 1000 tonnes/sqm when filled.

EcoGrid recommends customers use E50 for highways or lorry parking. It is a reliable go-to product to support all traffic types.

Learn more about EcoGrid E50 and see if that is the support you need.