There is no surprise that our EcoGrid system is our star product, it lives up to the expectation of being the premium quality surfacing solution; the world’s No.1 permeable paving.

Project Review

Our customer, Stockdale Fencing has recently finished installing an outdoor area that will be used as a driveway and equine turnout area. Due to the multi-purpose usage, the client chose to use EcoGrid E50 porous paving, aka the indestructible grid. Being the strongest paving in our range, EcoGrid E50 gives the client confidence for dealing with both equine and heavy goods vehicles if necessary.

Afterwards, the client selected two types of infills to fill the EcoGrid E50: grass and aggregate. The grid tiles were all locked to each other securely, hence the fitting process was quick and hassle-free.

Photo by Stockdale Fencing.

EcoGrid Infills

At EcoGrid, you can choose to load your grids with either grass or gravel, both of them work well in the free-draining system. Although they have a different finish, still be able to use them in the same way such as parking and pathways.

Aggregate Fill
Aggregate (aka. gravel) filled surface is suitable for a variety of applications, a traditional gravelled driveway was one of them. However, they always seem to have similar problems, such as aggregates getting carried out to the road or lawn, puddles whenever it rains, weed growth, etc.

We got the solution! EcoGrid Gravel Retention System keeps all the materials in place with completely free draining.

For this reason, EcoGrid aggregate fill is ideal for residential landscapes like gardens; and construction projects such as parking and pathways.

Grass Fill
In contrast, grass fill provides a much softer and natural profile, yet maintains a high load-bearing and free-draining capacity.

The sub-base, where the grids laid on could be either turfed or seeded grass. This ‘root friendly’ sub-base is also a popular choice for parking. By mixing the grass surface with concrete or block paving surface, it creates an aesthetic finish.

Fill the laid grids with 90% of organic topsoil, then lay a pre-grown turf on top and compress the turf to the topsoil underneath. Follow by top-dressing the surrounding area to level in order to help the turf connect and grow into the ground and through the grids.


EcoGrid Artificial Turf Close Up

Artificial Turf
Fill the laid grids with aggregate or sand, and place the artificial turf on top. The weight of the turf would be enough to keep it in place, but you can also use some pegs to pin them down. Learn more about How does artificial turf work at EcoGrid.


Seeded Grass
Fill the laid grids with 70% of organic topsoil and 30% of washed EcoGrid With Growing Seeded Grass Fill Surfacesharp sand, then sow a layer of seed on the soil. Other than hard-wearing grass seed, you can also plant something like clover or camomile. Use some wildflower seeds to make the ground more interesting.