EcoGrid aluminium manhole cover is a type of recessed cover with a great decorative profile. It looks aesthetically appealing and featuring easy access, yet maintain a high capacity of loading weight.

Project Review

EcoGrid recessed aluminium manhole cover was installed on the outside ground. Fill in the recessed area with screed, then place a layer to finish off the look. When you laid the same materials topping as the surface around the manhole cover, it will blends in with the rest of the ground, mades it aesthetic and less noticeable against the surface around.


The product performed in this project was a triple-sealed pro line aluminium manhole cover. It contains a lock and sealed system where a stainless steel screw will be placed in the lifting holes to lock it down. And a plastic cap to put on top for dirt prevention.

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Double-Sealed Aluminium Manhole Cover

It is a personal choice on which manhole cover you would like to use. Because of that, we offer a selection of manhole covers and they all have slightly different features.

Usually, the double-sealed cover would be recommended for external purposes instead of triple-sealed.
This is because doubled-sealed do not equip the key-lock system. Instead, it is self-secured by the weight
of the infill since outdoor use materials tend to be heavier. As a result, the double-sealed is more
cost-effective in comparison.

View and purchase the different sizes of double-sealed aluminium manhole cover.

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