Sam Keep Landscapes

North Herts has recently undergone a Grass Top Manhole Cover installation, a fine compliment to this rear lawned garden with a beige limestone patio – the cover seamlessly blends in once the turf is settled! Check them out here for direct purchasing - 📷: Sam Keep Landscapes

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EcoGrid XXL Rezabond Installation

Our EcoGrid is already rated for a fast installation rating, however our XXL range improves it further! Check out this driveway installation with the E40 XXL laid over a geotextile fabric layer with a compacted infill – a stunning installation with another happy customer. 📷: Rezabond

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Driveway Project With Testimonial

“All very solid and I liked using the product” – direct quote from a pleased driveway installer! Installed over existing tarmac with a geotextile fabric layer, sharp sand, permeable paving and then topped with an infill of 20mm chippings. Bearing in mind the surface handled a 5-tonne delivery truck with no issues for the last [...]

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