Mersey Weaver Scout District

Another testimonial entry this time from Matt – “The EcoGrid XXL is an easy to use product, the grids just click together. EcoGrid was selected as it offered the most natural finish for the woodland where it was used. This Mersey Weaver Scouts project used the permeable paving as part of a campfire replacement project, [...]

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Garden Revamp With Decking Seating Area With Heated Pool

As we’re on the road to spring we slowly edge towards lighter evenings, why not prepare your garden now so you’re ready to take advantage of spending the evenings in the fresh air? A recent customer had a similar idea in mind and put to action a garden revamp with a seating area with heated [...]

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Stuart Testimonial

Check out this latest testimonial from Stuart – “Spent the last 7 years extending and renovating a rundown house, which was the ugliest house on the road, now we only get complements on how the house looks, the front drive now being the last thing finished, our house is the best on the road - [...]

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Historic Aluminium Manhole Cover Installation

Here is a historic installation of an Aluminium Manhole Cover that was implemented as part of a garden patio project, its depth was plentiful for a screed layer and the brick finished infill. Check out images, although poor quality it still looks stunning to this day!

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