Ecoraster North America

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has recently transformed a damaged road shoulder with EcoGrid E50 paving, to replace the crumbling surface. Due to the outstanding ratings that E50 has to offer under heavy loads, the road shoulder is now supported in stability and permeability, which will reduce gathered rainwater forming puddles. EcoGrid also introduces [...]

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EcoGrid Limited

Dear Valued Clients – Past, Present & Future, EcoGrid would like to update you with our situation in relation to us as business and the COVID-19 pandemic. We are stoically pushing forward whilst closely monitoring ongoing updates from the on developments of the current pandemic so that we can support our customers and staff [...]

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Ecoraster Íslandi

Here is a revisited EcoGrid E40 pathway that was implemented back in November 2017, now can be seen after a bad storm that hit Iceland on the 14th February 2020. A fully recycled solution using 124,000 plastic bags to create the amount of grids used! Full video can be found here - 📷: Ecoraster [...]

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D Mckiernan Groundworks

David from D Mckiernan Groundworks in Chorlton Manchester got intouch with us in regards to a front driveway and side entrance installation. We advised upon using our EcoGrid E40 paving, as this would be sufficient for the use case of parked vehicles. As the customer wished to have a gravel driveway, our grid was perfect [...]

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Ecoraster Íslandi

Here we have an heavy dump truck positioning itself for an offload of infill for the empty EcoGrid's S50 paving. Enabling a much quicker and efficient way for installers to fill the grid! This wouldn't be possible through cheaper alternative products - EcoGrid remains unrivalled in strength! Full video can be found here - [...]

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