Ecoraster North America

One of the most striking factors that makes EcoGrid stand out from the rest is its capabilities of withstanding heavy loads. Here is our EcoGrid E50 taking on this impressive payloader, being the largest on the market (weighing in at 275 tonnes). EcoGrid is a truly trusted solution offering a 20 year manufacturers warranty. Do [...]

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Distinctive Resins Ltd

Here is an E40 installation with a screed infill and a resin bound stone finish, the EcoGrid base shall provide adequate ground stabilisation for the vehicle parking area at the front of the house whilst remaining porous for any gathering rainwater to disperse back into the ground below. 📷: Distinctive Resins Ltd

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Mid Atlantic Grid & Paving Systems

Here is a farm road that has recently been stabilised with our EcoGrid E50 paving. Utilising a technique of a 4" gravel base with a woven geotextile membrane layer, then the E50 grids placed with an infill of No.57 stone, topped with a River Jack gravel for the roads. The 3" soft shoulder on either [...]

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Monkstown Village Garden

Check out this Bodenmat installation within a community polytunnel garden, currently providing a comfortable footing for visitors and helping towards insulation from the cold floor. The Bodenmat system from EcoGrid simply slots together, utilising its tongue and groove edging to form a firm and durable non-slip surface to go over any existing surface such as [...]

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A.J. Leadsom Construction

An outstanding driveway transformation has taken place in Chester, featuring SUD compliant EcoGrid E40 paving with a Cheshire pink gravel infill. Enabling #permeability through to the watertable below, no more worries about pesky puddles! Discover more benefits that EcoGrid has to offer at the following link: EcoGrid E40. 📷: A.J. Leadsom Construction

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Tony Huntbach

The EcoGrid WebCell features a three-dimensional economic system that has proven to be effective in challenging soil stability areas, allowing for a reduced excavation depth whilst preventing subsoil compaction thus making it perfect for tree root protection projects. For more information on our support layers please read further at this link – 📷: Tony [...]

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