Oakburn Gardens and Trees

EcoGrid E40 put to good use along with a silver blue resin bound aggregate to create a permeable floor-resistant drive way, outstanding work by Oakburn Gardens and Trees. One EcoGrid paver can have endless uses for a huge variety of applications check them out at www.ecogrid.co.uk/popular-uses

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Resin Stone Driveway

Check out ResinStoneDriveway.co.uk latest post sharing their journey in creating a new permeable project from scratch! ◉ Removed sinking driveway blocks ◉ Created a solid foundation via an excavation process ◉ Covered with a non-woven geotextile ◉ Laid with our #EcoGrid base ◉ Topped with a Resin Stone application ◉ Sandstone brick edging Resulting in [...]

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