A special guest blog post submitted by Erinstone Ltd, Swansea:

We were lucky enough to win a major order in the summer for applying Resin Bound Stone on a total area of nearly 600 square metres. It was for a house project that was nearing completion after many long months. A large initial entrance driveway, with a small carport built in, then fed down a steep hill underneath the living quarters to the back of the property where the main garage area was situated. Some of the sub-base was already present, however this had to be sculpted and whacked down into the right shape and contour. Looking at the condition of the driveway when we arrived, it was quickly agreed with the customer that EcoGrid porous paving would be the perfect solution.

Resin Bound Stone Floated on EcoGrid Permeable Paving

Working in tandem with the Project Manager of the house build, the height we needed to flatten the sub-base to was carefully agreed upon. From this starting point, we needed to build up with EcoGrid and then finally add the Resin Bound Stone on top so that we hit the correct height required for the finished surface.

The flexibility of EcoGrid and the fact that they cleverly clip into each other to allow a freedom of movement over a large area was invaluable to us, particularly when dealing with the different levels we encountered next to a long concrete wall and the steep slope that ran down behind it. It was a much preferred method to using quick curing tarmac as it allowed us to take our time and be meticulous in making totally sure that we had all the correct angles before the Resin Bound Stone was applied. This flexibility also allowed us to lay down the various slopes without causing cracking giving a seamless, natural flow to the whole driveway.

EcoGrid Installed With Resin Bound Stone - Erinstone Ltd

EcoGrid Installed With Resin Bound Stone - Erinstone Ltd

EcoGrid Installed With Resin Bound Stone - Erinstone Ltd

As the EcoGrid pavers are able to be driven on straight away, work vehicles were still able to enter and leave the site whilst we were able to continue with our work. We are very proud of our finished result and have one very happy customer.

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