The EcoGrid permeable paving range is used all over the globe on a hugely diverse array of applications – military installations included.

In fact, the Ministry of Defence has put EcoGrid to the test on a number of occasions with uses ranging from simple pathways over loose sand and stone to heavy duty helipads and tank tracks!

We are always happy to support our military forces and recently helped organise an MOD order with EcoGrid shipped to Albania.

EcoGrid MOD Installation in AlbaniaEcoGrid MOD Installation in Albania

We are delighted to show you photos of this install and we’re honoured to see our grid being used on a site to commemorate a fallen aircraft in World War II.

The Halifax JP 244, 148 (SD) Squadron, RAF, Balkans Air Force, crashed near to this location on 29th October 1944 while supporting SOE operations in Albania. Interestingly this appears to be the same aircraft that, in 2015, a wedding ring was recovered from more than 70 years later!

EcoGrid MOD Installation in AlbaniaEcoGrid MOD Installation in Albania

The highly durable, interlocking EcoGrid E50 (with an unrivalled weight capacity of 800 tonnes/sqm) was layed by Commando Royal Engineers and the memorial site created on 18th July 2017.

Butch Baker RE kindly left us this testimonial on his experience using EcoGrid:

I have used the EcoGrid a few times now and the finished result as always been top notch, it is light in weight but very durable making it easy to lay, it stands up to every type of weather condition I have worked in, EcoGrid is the best product on the market.

EcoGrid MOD Installation in Albania