John Everett, a delighted domestic client of ours, just shared photos of his “home improvement” project which made use of 2 of our leading products. Let’s take a look in today’s blog.

EcoGrid E50 transformed John’s driveway, while the Flexible Edge system perfected his front garden.

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded!

Easy-to-fit, eco-friendly and guaranteed for 20 years, EcoGrid is probably being installed in a driveway near you!

Here, our paving made possible a great looking gravelled driveway and pathway with some hidden perks.

It’s what’s underneath that counts; the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving creates a robust and long-lasting surface that will be sufficiently load bearing and stay virtually maintenance free once installed. The porosity ensures water is able to freely drain through the topping and base to naturally dissipate into the water table.

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded! EcoGrid Blog - Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded!

New to EcoGrid’s offerings is the Flexible Edge garden edging system, which we have available in any quantity – from one length all the way up to thousands of metres!

Whether used in gardens, lawns, driveways, patios – or a little bit of a hybrid like shown here – you cannot get a neater finish with any other product of this type. Really simple to install, pin and shape with lasting durability.

A nice, crisp and distinctive look that gives a landscape defined separation, wouldn’t you agree?

EcoGrid Blog - Driveway, Pathway & Garden Upgraded!

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