When EcoGrid porous paving is placed against other alternatives that would appear to do the same job on the market, one of which we’ve pictured below let us call this type DP (Dense product). The fact is that, on the surface (pardon the pun) they would seem to do the same job.

(shock, gasp…)

EcoGrid Blog, vs. Higher Density Alternatives

Like EcoGrid, these DP pavers can also take the weight of articulated lorries and can be grass or gravel filled as required. However, that is where the similarities ends.

That is because…

  • EcoGrid E50 is laid at a rate of approximately 600 square metres per man, per day. The DP grids offered elsewhere would, in comparison, be laid at approximately 200 metres per man, per day (3x the labour cost!). This is because Ecogrid arrives on-site as 1.33 square metres of grid or 12 units, pre-locked together. A fitter lifts of the sheet and places on the pre-prepared ground, lifts off the next sheet and clicks simply, securely  and swiftly in place. THe DP products arrive as individual units, have to be lined up and often have no real locking mechanism.
  • You get 57.33 square metres of EcoGrid E50 on a pallet and only around 19sqm of the DP products. That means haulage would cost three times as much!
  • Semi retail sites sell these DP products in the region of £37.55 per square metre, whereas EcoGrid E50 would be only £17.42. Yes, a grid product that offers similar characteristics that is almost twice the price to buy as the original EcoGrid with it’s 20 year guarantee!
  • The DP products have a far greater surface area of plastic. In fact we would say that with the DP product you see 50:50 of the plastic and fill material, whereas with Ecogrid, you see very little plastic at all.


EcoGrid Blog, vs. Higher Density Alternatives

So, if this DP product can be:

  • Twice the price
  • Three times the haulage cost
  • Three times the cost to lay

Why on earth would you even consider it?

Get in touch today and go with EcoGrid, the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving, for your next project.

You won’t find its unique and patented inter-locking system in alternative products, and that’s what makes our permeable, long-lasting, aesthetic grids super-quick to install; just one reason they’re unrivalled globally. Plus, Ecogrid is available in huge UK stock and massive stock in the factory waiting to be delivered, it is available in four different colours to match the infill



and has a great range of accessories, to name but two:


Our curving piece which allows the building of any radius and any level to any installation without the need for cutting.


Our angle piece which allows a lay from the horizontal to the vertical, for example a gravel filled car park with continuous seamless embankment support

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