Spring has sprung! It’s time to rid your lawn of ugly Manhole Covers with a New EcoGrid GrassTop

Recessed Manhole Covers from EcoGrid Ltd

Spring has sprung, so let’s do something about that ugly cover sitting on your lawn!

EcoGrid Ltd’s unique “GrassTop” manhole covers (in stock now) can be filled instantly or seeded for growth, with rainwater able to drain naturally into the ground and plantation free to prosper.

This never-seen-before solution replaces obtrusive covers in areas where appearance is of key concern.

GrassTop Manhole Covers - Hide Ugly Covers!


Existing manhole covers are now hidden to match the surrounding surface, whether that’s grass or turf!

EcoGrid GrassTop Manhole Covers 


Our 80mm+ trays allow grass seed planting & growth due to rain & surface water draining freely through them!

EcoGrid GrassTop Manhole Covers

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