“Mighty Membranes” from EcoGrid Ltd

Geotextile Membranes from EcoGrid Ltd

EcoGrid is on a “roll” in 2017!

Pun intended – because did you know as well as being specialists in porous paving we are also one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Geotextile Membranes?

We’re checking in today to show you a small snapshot of our extensive range, which includes permeable (woven and non-woven) fabrics, impermeable geomembranes for unparalleled separation, and more solutions.

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EcoGrid Blog, Hi-Vis Geotextile Membrane


The vast majority of our geo’s might be a simple black or white, but some circumstances require a brighter layer of fabric. Introducing our Hi-Vis orange geotextile – perfect to give off a warning in areas of contaminated soil and prevent migration of minerals into the non-contaminated ground.

EcoGrid Blog, Securagrid


This year has already seen renewed interest for Securagrid – a biaxial geogrid made from bar structures with strong reinforcement qualities.

Typically used with a non-woven geotextile, Securagrid offers an additional layer of protection and reduces sub-base requirements, therefore project time and costs too!


EcoGrid Blog, Web Cell

“Web Cell”

An ideal partner for use with EcoGrid porous paving, Web Cell provides a flexible and permeable solution for protecting tree roots.

The strong, stable surface created withstands traffic, and its cellular structure reduces pressure on roots; an eco-friendly solution to prevent damage and preserve nature.


EcoGrid Blog, EG80 Non-Woven Geotextile

“EG80 Non-Woven”

An 80gsm non-woven geotextile, our new EG80 fabric is specified with EcoGrid porous paving. It provides a lightweight permeable separation layer between the grid system and sub-base, while also aiding with weed prevention and stabilisation.  


EcoGrid Blog, NW8 Non-Woven Geotextile

“NW8 Non-Woven”

The 100gsm NW8 is our most popular non-woven geotextile – a proven durable fabric designed for filtration and separation applications such as: equestrian areas, road construction, french drains, driveways, and weed prevention.



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