Landscaping professionals, like the many Approved Installers we’ve partnered with, all know that porous paving is the smart choice when it comes to that next project requiring high (long-lasting) quality.

No matter the size of said project, these modern surfaces provide a robust, low maintenance solution that are not only great to look at from the outside but also fully permeable on the inside. That permeability could mean a project is more easily approved given ever-increasing restrictions on hard to soft landscaping.

Erosion problems that builders and landscapers often face can be eliminated because water can now freely absorb into the soil, as can problems with water runoff as porous paving ensures that water reaches the soil quicker and therefore less pollutants from the ground are carried into local rivers.

EcoGrid Permeable Paving - Home Driveway Install

Introducing EcoGrid, The World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving!

Our Product Range of world-leading, eco-friendly ground reinforcement grids made from 100% recycled plastic ‒ ideal for SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) applications, car parks, driveways, pathways, equestrian areas, temporary access routes, tree root protection, and lots more.

Just a handful of the flagship products exclusive to EcoGrid include: E30 grids (light traffic), E40 grids (medium load), E50 grids (heavy duty), and Bloxx that combines our grids with permeable block paving.

Whatever the choice of EcoGrid product, our paving is super easy to fit thanks to its unique inter-locking system. In fact, you can lay as much as 100m² per hour, per person.


EcoGrid Permeable Paving - Car Park Install

Eliminate problems of erosion and rainwater runoff with permeable paving. Choose the world-leading EcoGrid to achieve those aims quicker and cheaper with less excavation and lower maintenance requirements.

Save £££’s and the inevitable inconvenience you’ll face in the future with an inferior grid product.

We also guarantee ours for 20 years – once you install EcoGrid the area will stay virtually maintenance free and will stand there for good as a long-term solution, not a short-term fix!

Get in touch to use EcoGrid in your next project or to become an Approved Installer.

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