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recently joined our Approved Installer network and just completed a new resin bound stone driveaway install using EcoGrid. Let’s get a peek at it in today’s blog!

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EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation

With the help of EcoGrid, the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving, Creative Stone transformed this rundown driveway…

…into this!

EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation

So, how was it done? Check out these step-by-step photos coming up.

Excavation can be from as little as 180mm for standard vehicle domestic applications and that brings about a number of inherent advantages, the likes of:

  • Less excavtion meaning less waste to landfill and quicker preparation
  • Less requirement for hard-core
  • Swift installation (up to 100m² per hour, per person)
  • No inconvenience to clients; grids are immediately load-bearing

EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation

The installation process of EcoGrid and resin bound systems thereafter typically begins with a type 3 reduced fines or clean sharp angular stone hard-core base laid to required depths, and a membrane layer laid on the top to stabilise the ground where necessary.

When our world renowned grids are laid, they are filled with the same sharp angular stone as the screed layer. Any shapes or angular cuts can be achieved with a standard angle grinder. The resin system is mixed in an industry standard force mixer and then floated over the top of the filled grid.

EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway InstallationEcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation  EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation

This new EcoGrid-resin bound stone combination provides a highly aesthetic surface to a home or business premises, installed internally or externally to provide a surface that’s robust, load-bearing and porous.

The permeability ensures that any water hitting the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the EcoGrid base system to naturally dissipate into the water table.

And that’s an obvious advantage in current times as this surface is free draining and goes towards effective flood risk prevention – it’s SuDS compliant and requires no planning permission; an important fact to note given the surface water regulations recently introduced in the UK.

Here’s a closer look at the superb results:

EcoGrid - Resin Bound Driveaway Installation

For driveways like this one, EcoGrid means you have a permeable surface that’s load bearing up to artic. level, surface material that doesn’t move around, with a reduced sub-base necessity, additional membrane support, and many more benefits (too many to list here quite frankly!)

Get in touch to use it in your next project or to become an Approved Installer.

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