Flash Floods: Urgent Action Is Required, Act Now with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

In the UK we’ve been feeling the harsh impact of climate change and a fundamental shift in our weather with recent flash flooding. Sadly this is said to only increase in intensity and frequency in the future.

Defra, a government environmental department, has revealed plans to invest £2.5bn on building flood defence schemes across the country to better protect an additional 300,000 homes by 2021 – but MPs say their own recommendations for important new measures are being rejected, with little justification.

While they support the “considerable work” being done on flooding, MPs have spoken out on existing schemes being “fragmented, inefficient and ineffective flood management” as relates to flood impact home insurance, building rules and local authority planning decisions.

So too, AWMS warns that we must “build better, more robust upstream water management with capacity to minimise the threat of heavier, more intense rainfall.” The water management body urges immediate action and the need to adopt Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to prepare ourselves for the worst.

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - UK Cars in Flood

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - Permeable Paving Solutions

In fact, it has come to light that the government actually removed requirements for SuDS (previously on all new developments), from the new Housing And Planning bill at the last minute.

Step in, EcoGrid!

Our world renowned permeable paving offers a sustainable ground reinforcement system which allows rainwater to drain into the ground via natural methods. Furthermore, it’s the strongest porous paving out there and can withstand up to 800 tonnes with its heavy duty load bearing capacity.

EcoGrid helps to alleviate surface water run-off and flooding issues and can be used in conjunction with artificial turf, gravel, grass or other loose fill materials. It complies with all Sustainable Drainage Systems regulations as a means of minimising the quantity of surface water run-off and improving quality of water too.

Without resilient SuDS design practices in the UK more flooding is sadly a guarantee.

And with shaky management of flood protection by government, squabbles, retractions and delays, whether you’re a homeowner or developer it might be time to take matters into your own hands.

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - Installing Permeable Paving

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - Installing Permeable Paving

On average, one person can lay 100 square metres in an hour, making for rapid installation times. Skilled labour isn’t always required either; we see customers often choosing to re-surface their private driveways, for example, themselves and with great results.

There’s no infrastructure needed (that being drains and soakaways), there’s less excavation required (that means less spoil to landfill), less hardcore (supplies are running low), the grids are quicker to install (less labour charges) and the entire surfacing will last well over 20 years (not a claim that alternatives can make).

We offer several products that are completely free draining and SuDS compliant, including:

  • EcoGrid Bloxx concrete block permeable parking & paving surfaces

  • EcoGrid Grass-fill surfaces

  • EcoGrid Gravel-fill surfaces

  • EcoGrid Resin bound stone systems

  • EcoGrid Resin bound rubber crumb systems

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - Installing Permeable Paving

EcoGrid Flash Flooding Blog - Installing Permeable Paving

Act now – take a proactive step in preventing flash flooding the UK; invest in the World’s No. 1 Permeable Paving!

Get in touch with one of our experts today.

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