Flash Floods: Urgent Action Is Required, Act Now with EcoGrid Permeable Paving

In the UK we've been feeling the harsh impact of climate change and a fundamental shift in our weather with recent flash flooding. Sadly this is said to only increase in intensity and frequency in the future. Defra, a government environmental department, has revealed plans to invest £2.5bn on building flood defence schemes across the [...]

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WANTED: Resellers of EcoGrid’s New & Improved Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover Range

Heads up, we're currently looking for fitters, resellers and stockists of EcoGrid Ltd's premier products – including our brand new (and improved) Triple & Double Sealed aluminium manhole covers!Whether you're buying or selling, let's take a closer look... Introducing our shiny new aluminium recessed covers, exclusive to EcoGrid Ltd in the UK for 2017! Two covers are [...]

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