Eco-Sedum Roof Trays in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs? No problem!

Did you know EcoGrid’s Eco-Sedum roof trays can be used in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs?

That’s no problem for our innovative Green Roof Trays – a unique sedum blend and light-weight substrate providing the ideal state-of-the-art green roof solution.

The modular trays ensure no impact with the edges or seals of most roof lights and do not block light.

EcoGrid Eco-Sedum trays are only 75mm deep and 95kg per square metre with maximum saturation, and installation is simple with remote technical assistance as and when required.

EcoGrid - Eco-Sedum Green Roof Trays

Simply clip them together to create a stunning roof garden that can have grass and flowers planted for a stunning finish – so easy to fit and no skill set necessary. Made from 100% recycled material, the honeycomb structure stores a optimum level of rainwater, while the trays also feature a reservoir to facilitate ease of irrigation.

EcoGrid offers Eco-Sedum trays either pre-planted or ready to fill, suitable for:

  • Flat roofs
  • Pitched roofs (angle of less than 30 degrees)
  • Garage roofs
  • Roof terraces

EcoGrid - Eco-Sedum Green Roof TraysEcoGrid - Eco-Sedum Green Roof Trays

Whether “intensive” or “extensive”, green roofs offer many benefits of energy efficiency and sustainability, including the control of water by slowing down rainwater release, insulating a property, and filtering pollutants. They can also look great and improve conditions for wildlife (insects and birds).

EcoGrid is proud to offer this cost effective product, helping facilitate the growth of green roofs across the UK.

To learn more watch this quick video, or feel free to get in touch with one of our experts!

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