Park Your Caravans & Motorhomes on EcoGrid to Eliminate Mud…. For Good!

Is your campsite suffering muddy conditions yet again?

Park your caravans and motorhomes on EcoGrid permeable paving to virtually eliminate mud all year round!

EcoGrid Blog - Parking Caravans

A problem is affecting camp sites across the country – soil compaction, mud and erosion as a result of heavy use from caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles – a problem these areas face year on year.

Step in EcoGrid.

Our unrivalled paving solution can significantly decrease the impact of traffic (whether that’s vehicular or foot) on grass and other natural permeable surfaces. The grid system reinforces the ground, acting like as “snowshoe”, thus reducing soil compaction, improving water drainage and as a result preventing mud and erosion.

EcoGrid Blog - Parking Caravans

In these grassed areas, like pictured here, campground owners will now benefit from being able to maintain a non-compacted area for grass to grow in, ensuring good grass coverage while maintaining a permeable surface. The grid protects the roots of the grass and growth areas while providing a stable surface.

On top of all that, EcoGrid is maintenance free so ongoing site costs are decreased too.

EcoGrid Blog - Parking Caravans

EcoGrid has been used globally for over 20 years. The heavy industrial plastic has been engineered to withstand huge loads: cars, vans, motorhomes and even fire engines! Wherever it’s used, the concept is simple.

Take EcoGrid E40 for example, our mid-weight product often used for residential driveways, at 40mm deep it really doesn’t sound like much until you realise how simple and easily it works. The plastic won’t shift, split or crack even when cars park on it; instead it helps spread out the weight of car tyres and distribute the load.

EcoGrid Blog - Parking Caravans

Suffer mud no more with a sustainable grassed camp site – achieved only with EcoGrid permeable paving!

Got any questions for us? Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts…

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