EcoGrid Colours & Accessories You Never Knew Existed!

Did you know about the different colours in our world renowned range of Permeable Paving? EcoGrid is available in four different colours - black, terracotta, light grey and green - all of which are available in four different depths, stocked in the UK and ready to be delivered to you. At any one time our [...]

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Eco-Sedum Roof Trays in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs? No problem!

Did you know EcoGrid's Eco-Sedum roof trays can be used in conjunction with roof lights on flat roofs? That's no problem for our innovative Green Roof Trays – a unique sedum blend and light-weight substrate providing the ideal state-of-the-art green roof solution. The modular trays ensure no impact with the edges or seals of most roof lights and [...]

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Park Your Caravans & Motorhomes on EcoGrid to Eliminate Mud…. For Good!

Is your campsite suffering muddy conditions yet again?Park your caravans and motorhomes on EcoGrid permeable paving to virtually eliminate mud all year round! A problem is affecting camp sites across the country – soil compaction, mud and erosion as a result of heavy use from caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles – a problem these areas face year [...]

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Think you know about plastics in construction?

For my part, I am only going to concentrate on the plastics that are used for ground reinforcement or landscaping/civils projects. Caveat Emptor is the phrase that springs to mind and, for those of us that didn’t take Latin; this means ‘buyer beware’!So, what type of plastics are generally used for this type of projects? [...]

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Surface water regulations for Resin bound stone base

Tarmac used to consist of a mixture of tar and aggregate, however is now more Asphalt or Bitumen which is an oil based product102 million tonnes of Bitumen are used throughout the World annually and over 85% is used in the construction of roadways. Traditionally, resin bound stone installations have been laid on a base [...]

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Caravan and camping parks: Don’t get stuck in the mud

Caravan and camping parks: Don’t get stuck in the mud.At a recent trade show, the clear majority of visitors were from #caravan and #camping sites across the UK and Ireland. The main source of concern was that access roads and pitches were being constantly churned up by the actions of vehicles at all points on [...]

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